Youth may be just a great fantasies.

Youth may be just a great fantasies.

on social software, hip-hop videos about Jiaziyuan weeds counterattacking and high school students taking a mirror to the end have been frantically reposted, with comments like "Youth is full of youth, it's so nice to be young".

I couldn't help but take a bottle and ask my friend. I feel like the word is suddenly unsealed or what's going on, it's everywhere, I can't hide.

"you are silly. Adults talk a lot about youth because we are all adults."

there are 40 high schools)

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I don't want to be the only one immersed in the mood that my youth is gone and time is not waiting for me.

I remember that in junior high school, a set of detective novels was often circulated in the class. A thin, translucent card was attached to the interlayer of the novel, which was pasted on the page, and some words would be highlighted to help determine who the killer was.

is it a specific flavor, or is it just a concept imagined by us adults? no one seems to have made it clear. I just remember that we never used the word in that period of youth.

in the stands beside the football field, the girl and her best friend sat together, talking and laughing, but their eyes were focused on some sweaty boy on the green field, even if he could not see his facial features clearly without his glasses. You can clearly tell which one he is.

but for us at that time, it was just a normal life.

it is a very famous high school baseball tryout in Japan, and baseball is Japan's national ball, and professional baseball ranks second in the world in terms of ratings, second only to American professional baseball MLB.

50/4000 probability, so it is even more difficult to imagine that among the many famous baseball stars this year, there is an unknown team that has not been able to enter the race for more than a decade.

and its ace, Huixing Yoshida, is an unknown rice grower.

the coach warned him when he finished his 800th pitch, "if you go on like this, you may endanger your career."

"and me, only now."

while I am moved by the youth of others, I also feel as if I have never really had youth.

probably people are always picky about their past. Adults are so sensitive to the word "youth". They often feel beautiful and envious when they see it.

(they always sing team songs so hard)

those who persist tend to have bright eyes. If they leave her in a random place, she knows where to go. When they are not in the dormitory, you will know that they are in the library, in the radio station, in various places to pave the way for their future.

until one day, there was a little contradiction in our dormitory, which was just a question of what to eat for dinner, but it frightened several of us. When two other girls and I were discussing how to solve it in the stairwell, she happened to be passing by. We also need advice, just ask her to wait.

I asked her when she was a friend, and she said she had been in junior high school since now.

I actually envy her at that moment, because frankness seems to be easy to do, but in fact, it is very demanding of friends, not everyone can bear the weight of frankness.

it turns out that making friends can be the whole thing in adolescence. Even if there is nothing else meaningful and valuable, it doesn't matter, there is no hurry.

it must not be a perfect teenager to show off on social networking sites.

it is, after all, the teens we really experienced, and there must be a slight but real difference between us then and now.

not only warm blood can provide the possibility of growth, in fact, any ordinary period of time is witnessing our changes.

the girl who spent three years in the school press corps in high school regretted that she had not been able to experience and experience in a larger newspaper.

even Yoshida Huixing, the baseball player who was called "the last monster of Pingcheng" by the media, regretted losing in the end.

I think only when we are no longer obsessed with youth, we must be vigorous and make a difference, its shiny shell can come off.

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