You're not the only one who likes to run away.

You're not the only one who likes to run away.
We have to face it and change it.

and we actually run away every day and night, don't want to get up in the morning, don't want to sleep at night, don't want to go to class at ordinary times, and don't want to give up our games in the face of unexpected tasks.

do you think we don't like it enough? Not really.

that's what people do, and they often think about something they don't have.

often do something that there is no need to escape.

because people are not just made up of his "choices",

taken together, we become who we are.

since the beginning of 17 years, I have often received a reader's Wechat, hundreds of words at a time. But if you read it carefully, you will find that it is not what you said to me at all.

"I broke up with him. I stayed in the hospital for a long time. My family and classmates thought I was still at school. I just skipped class and went to work. But in fact, I was alone in the hospital for a long time. Am I really wrong? Why would he do this to me? even I often wonder why I have to go through all this. "

but I didn't reply to her because I knew she didn't send me Wechat for my reply.

"I'm out of the hospital. Told my sister everything, she came to my house to take care of me, but my health is still not very good, so I am still skipping class. "

I still haven't replied to her.

it was after this Wechat that I replied, "would you like to meet?"

this is probably the bloodiest story I have ever heard: unplanned pregnancy, miscarriage, and the trace that someone has slept in his own bed when he comes home.

I asked her, "Why don't you break up?" What do you mean by

"? Is it your way to escape from continuing to fall in love with a scumbag? " I'll ask again.

when she said this to me, she focused on the corner of the table.

but in order to avoid a greater change or blow, choose to continue to endure.

the process of her coming out was silent.

so she cried and ran with her sister for half an hour, and passers-by thought she was crazy.

before I left, I asked her, "it must not be an easy process."

because even if you hit the limit,

the only way to make things better is to "face it".

recently, the name

is very serious, but it is actually very simple to understand, which is "awareness": what's the use of


because it is just used to "figure out" whether you are angry, disappointed, happy or nervous at this moment.

and this "stop awareness" allows us to understand our emotions through self-question and self-answer.

before I go to bed, I lie in bed, don't think about anything, count my breathing rate, and then ask myself, "Why can't I sleep until two o'clock in the morning?"

it is important to realize that you are "afraid", because only in this way can you have the choice of "confrontation".

in the face of a situation that is difficult to reverse, efforts are still made to reverse it.

when you encounter the culprit that caused all this, you can calm down and deal with it.

tell yourself, "you can run away, but don't go on like this."

author /Zhang Jingbi

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