You're not crying for no reason.

You're not crying for no reason.
It's probably just crying out of the pain of a cold.

We all said, "No problem, don't worry", but he didn't believe it.

he replied: "because the feelings in that tweet are all real feelings, it is impossible to jump out of the original mood and objectively judge whether it is good or bad."

it just so happens that we did a call for crying last Saturday.

sort them out because I want to give these tears some space, and I also want you to see when and where the rest of the world has shed tears.

We lost the chance to start all over again

Tonight is the last night to stay in the school dormitory, and the other four roommates have moved out.

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I sob secretly in bed at night. I still have a lot to say, but I have to go to work.

I failed in the college entrance examination this year. I can only go to three universities, and my friend has been admitted to the investigation school I want to attend.

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Today, I saw a little girl, a glass of pomegranate juice, she spilled it as soon as she bought it. As soon as her mouth skimmed, her eyes bent and began to cry. My grandparents immediately bought a new one for me. I couldn't help crying.

always inadvertently

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I lay on the bed and began to cry as soon as I closed my eyes. I felt as if the tears were going to wet my hair.

I work as a soft designer. I don't know why I was suddenly in a down mood when I was at the construction site yesterday. As a result, when I came down the stairs, I met many old men with sand on their backs on the first floor, one of whom was barefoot.

finally, just after taking a shower and turning on the air conditioner, the power went out, and the electricity bill could not be paid after work.

there seems to be no place

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, maybe I just want to find a place that nobody knows about it.

during the review week, the cold lasted for more than a week. Taking medicine and drinking water became more and more serious. I couldn't help crying because I thought of a lot of things before last night.

the exam will take place the day after tomorrow. I hope I get better with my cold soon.

I have heard such a collocation before, called "crying inexplicably".

sometimes it is also used by the parties themselves to explain to others, with apologies and guarantees that they will not do it again.

it's just a special feeling of sadness. It's demonized in hiding and covering up over and over again, and it's not until it's your turn to find that the more you don't say, don't cry, and act like nothing happened, the more it will follow you endlessly.

yesterday, a reader named @ Pikachu said at the end of the message,

I was a little sore and a little angry when I saw it.

you should say, because you were so sad.


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