Your friends may be secretly playing this game.

Your friends may be secretly playing this game.
I want to play with you.

when asked carefully, they found out that they were playing a game called knife tower self-moving chess.

and our boss, Zhang Jingchui, even set up a gang up group for playing chess.

so tonight, several patients who are heavily addicted to self-moving chess and I will explain to you the three main features of the game:

@ Liu Bai

when I first played the game, I asked my boyfriend how to play it. He said a lot of professional words, such as synthesizing high-star chess pieces, matching a lineup, and playing in turns. I don't understand a word.

summed up in three words: playing mahjong.

to put it more colloquially, it is to buy chess pieces, put them on, and let them play on their own. This is called "self-playing".

I don't need to think hard, or spend a long time groping, or I can compete with boys who have played for a long time.

it's really nice to see your name at the top of the list.

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feature 2: look at the face very much

Game ID: the chess player has taken the order

if you are an African (very unlucky), you are destined to be a "brother".

there was a game, and I couldn't help sighing as I watched my game interface turn gray with a failed written on my profile picture.

I said that the game was not fun at all, and then said to Zepeng, fight.

I was still the number one "brother" in the first 20 rounds of this game. At the beginning of the twenty-first round, I suddenly took a U-turn. I changed from being unable to beat anyone to being unable to beat anyone.

instead of my first place, his Rank says "fan chess player", which means he hasn't played five games of the game yet, and I've been playing it for almost a week.

it was supposed to be a game without suspense, but the guy with blood at 8 o'clock suddenly came up with a very strong formation, endured almost ten rounds, and then turned against the wind to eat chicken.

it is a very fair and face-looking game.

can't win the lottery, and it's great to experience a Samsung troll.

@ Xu 17

the money system of this game is particularly interesting.

and whether it is upgrading the population or upgrading the chess pieces, it requires a lot of gold coins.

manage money.

wait until the balance becomes 50, and with the income of a few more gold coins than others, you begin to grow yourself crazily.

it's just that it's a big test.

you know, if you can bear this moment, there will be a bumper harvest in the coming year.

lose in a row every time, waiting for chess pieces and other lineup.

"here we go."

"I won third place."

"my friends, I beat the first one."

this sense of reversal is very irritating to the heart.


because of bad luck, I was the first to lose the game. My boyfriend comforted me while operating: "it's all right, I'll teach him a lesson for you."

what's funny is that he hung up soon, too.

but we are still talking to Zepeng, and we cut the game screen to Zepeng's chessboard, actively instructing him, cheering him on, and making him eat chicken.

there was a sense of hope for the whole village at that time.

so in the last few days of the holiday, we would like to recommend this game to you (this is not an advertisement). After all, it is not easy to be happy as you get older. If you can feel even a little bit of fun in this game, then we will be satisfied.

author /Liu Bai Zinc Chloride

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