Your boyfriend won't take your calls when he's sad.

Your boyfriend won't take your calls when he's sad.
He's under a lot of pressure. he won't answer my phone.

I vaguely know why he is under pressure.

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it may be more than that.

or just leave it like this? Boys, since others are not allowed to open their mouth to expose their vulnerabilities, there must be a set of emotions to repair the ecosystem.

this big boy, who is happy like biting through the thin skin and pouring out sweet cream stuffing and talking a lot of nonsense on weekdays, is really like a closed meme of "I want to be autistic". He only said three short words at dinner today.

the second sentence is "eat more."

I didn't ask him why he was unhappy at this meal.

instead of hearing the phrase "Don't worry", it creates a sense of loss that is not needed. It would be better to give him some hints and affirmation that he will be able to deal with his stress.

it's like he won't take my calls when he's the most upset, not because he's afraid I'm worried or anything like that. It is more because compared with the urgent need for girls to vent their emotions, in the standards of boys, it is more necessary to put their emotions aside and deal with the problem first.

I hope he understands the meaning of "really delicious".

every time I eat and say "whatever", you can find such a delicious place, which is really great. Then you will do well in other things, too.

read carefully:

2. Girls can use hand-holding, hugging and other physical contact to comfort boys.

author /Ye Jingfei

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