Young people who stay up late to watch Douyin.

Young people who stay up late to watch Douyin.
Even if you don't know anything, you can get something out of it.

because it is not as energy-intensive as disco or Weibo, it is another noisy but relaxing night to click on the note icon.

A Bing told me that for people who stay up late, the important thing is not only what to do when staying up late, but also how to sleep after staying up late.

so she was the first person in the dormitory to use Douyin. She got up that day to boast about how funny Douyin was, and that by watching it, she could forget the tension in the movie, even in life.

as expected, it was all a play, but it was unexpectedly interesting. A beautiful girl in a high school uniform was dancing in the class.

I also instantly learned how to eat mango without getting my hands dirty, how to catch dolls in a hundred shots, and how to eat when I went to Haidilao. It took

to brush it for a few minutes, and I feel fully integrated. It has almost no threshold. The only condition is that you have a mobile phone, and preferably Apple's.

as a novice, I also brushed to 03:00 that night. I whispered if A Bing was asleep, but she didn't answer me, indicating that she was asleep.

this alone has saved countless young people who tend to think too much late at night.

it is true that boredom is the privilege of young people, but it is also their pain point.

so if you ask which group is most afraid of boredom, I think it must be young people.

when you hear a young man complain about "so boring", his subtext is: "I'm so panicked."

but I seldom say it after watching Douyin. One reason is that it really fills up my free time, and another reason is that I feel that they are ordinary people like us, who are bored and entertain themselves in a different way.

Weibo lets you know, "there are still people who live like this," while Douyin lets you know, "I can live like this."

this matter is both good and bad, needless to say, the downside is that it may paralyze your sensitive nerves and make you lack a sense of crisis, but I don't think this disadvantage is completely bad.

Young people who stay up late to watch Douyin have understood this. They decide to let themselves go first. Don't stay up late because of anxiety to see something nutritious. Even if you stay up late, you should have fun.

one girl said that she had become a voyeur, clicking on the home page of her favorite boy every day and reading all his updates and likes one by one, while another girl said that her mother sent her a "pancake pan" after watching Douyin so that she could eat the same pancakes in Douyin.

Wang Xiaobo said before, "Happiness and pain are indistinguishable, so I just want it to be authentic."

take a closer look, every copy is genuine.

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I have no ideal

finally, I would like to tell you that clutter officially sets up the Douyin Department, which is referred to as the "Shake part".

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