Young man, you shouldn't stay at home for too long.

Young man, you shouldn't stay at home for too long.
Class, let's get to work.

but clutter is a less strict company, and it wasn't until today that I returned to the office to pay homage to my colleagues in their twilight years.

it's not because of the RMB inside, but because it finally convinced me that I had left home.

but this kind of wiggling is often reassuring.

on New year's Eve, my cell phone slipped out of my pocket, face down, kissed the floor and broke it completely. Not only the screen shattered, the touch failed, but also the machine could not be turned on.

I hurriedly waved my hand and said, "No, I'll go to the repair shop myself. New Year's Eve, don't bother my friends."

this is also the first lesson I learned after working in a big city.

or the master who knows how to repair has already returned home for the Spring Festival.

even because of the imbalance between supply and demand, the price is one or two hundred more expensive than in big cities.

so in the end, I had to go home frustrated and asked my mother to ask a friend. It took two or three days to help me go to another district to transfer goods, and bothered other people before I was able to fix my phone.

what I used to believe in outside may be completely different as soon as I get home.

it's really hard for people to live well in two different environments at the same time.

because I can hardly lose money.

this kind of game does not need much skill. Winning or losing depends on luck, and it is easy to get started. It will be taken out to play during the holidays to see who has more money this year.

"here we go." With a shout, someone sat around and began to accept the licensing.

when I picked up the three cards again, I thought I had to turn the money quickly. As a result, I made up another 0 o'clock and was taken all.

by the time the show was over that night, I had already turned the book back with an extra stack of change.

this plot has been repeated many times, and under his protection, I have naturally been the god of gamblers countless times.

immersed in it, I didn't feel wrong at all.

but when I get home, I will always be regarded as a child. After a long time, even I feel the same way.

from the first day home from the holiday, the body has entered a state of low energy consumption like a mobile phone that turns on power-saving mode.

because I was far away from my usual apartment, I forgot all about the rent.

and all this can only be changed when you leave home.

the lights outside the car are always dimmed and bright, and the darkness of the half minute passing through each tunnel always seems to urge every passenger: "call out your original self while no one sees you now."


in many sad times, when I was almost knocked over by the wind and waves on the sea, all I thought about was to unload everything and run home, when home was a safe haven.

as you get older, home becomes more of a place to rest your feet, but not for a long time.

because we always use the word "back" when buying or returning tickets, whether it is the beginning or the end of the holiday.

this kind of care is satisfying, but not necessarily a good thing.

they give you the opportunity and reason to fall down anytime, anywhere, but the day to stand up is a long way off.

Today, I returned to Dongguan.

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