You still have ten "anger-free cards" that you haven't used.

You still have ten "anger-free cards" that you haven't used.
​ retention is an instinct.

but opening this book is like starting a countdown between us.

this is my struggle in the face of "loss". I didn't succeed, but I don't regret it. Because I know that there are many people who have worked as hard as I do, and these efforts should be recorded.

thought he was pretending to be weak.

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when he heard a noise from the toilet, he immediately ran in to see me, picked me up on my knees and said he would take me to the hospital for an examination.

and many girls are entangled for this distressing look, to make sure that they have been liked. strong>

although I am still very happy now.

some people just can't stay.

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generally speaking, they rely on "sex" to retain.

fortunately, my current boyfriend pulled me out of the quagmire and gave me warmth.

so if selected, I hope I can take advantage of the messy platform to say to my boyfriend: thank you, I love you.

I just want to give up.

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I kept sending messages to him until he blocked me.

I am a road nerd. I am going to travel across China and go to Harbin from Guangdong to find him. Although the chance of success is not very high, you have to try before you give up.

I had a very close friend when I was a child. For more than ten years, there was no contradiction, just because I chose a different path and became more and more estranged.

until one day, he, who had not been in touch for a long time, sent me a message "who are you?" .

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when I broke up, I even said, "use that card!" If I use it, I won't be angry! "

think about it, I did a lot to get it back before, but he turned a blind eye to it.

think of it as this relationship.

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Is it exciting and surprising to find a beautiful emerald green prom dress for your event? Buy now at prices that will amaze you!

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it's my birthday, and I made a wish that my parents would be together forever. For this sentence, they survived the crisis. Of course, their relationship is very harmonious now, so they will think:

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that night we each expressed our dissatisfaction with each other and the direction of our future efforts. I admit that our relationship was not equal before, and I was nicer to him, but since then, I have also clearly felt that he cares about me more.

in fact, if he had really made up his mind to break up at that time, no matter what I did, I couldn't fix it.

A relationship that needs to be saved,

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on the one hand, I want to make myself better, on the other hand, I want to divert my attention and make myself less sad.

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Rescue can only give the other person a second chance to hurt you.

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I didn't think too much about it at that time, but instinctively stopped it with my wrist as soon as the stone pan slipped out of the tray.

now come to think of it, this is similar to the reaction of me and many people in the recruitment when they were broken up, they all subconsciously asked to stay, regardless of whether they were decent or not.

as long as you recognize this instinct, you will be able to accept yourself who is a little embarrassed.

what I'm afraid is that you won't let go because you've been burned by a stone pot. When that person has already hurt you, you still have to go to him, open your own wound, try to hurt him a little, and test out a little love you once had.

because of them, they are not willing to let you go this far.

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