You know nothing about your major.

You know nothing about your major.
Good night.

making money seems easy in this day and age.

after e-sports retires, when he works as an anchor in Douyu, as long as he doesn't do too badly, it's not a problem to earn one million a year. -- "it's nice to make a lot of money playing games every day."

many people will feel very unfair.


when I played CUBA (Chinese University Basketball League) last year, I watched a lot of games at home at school, almost in a state of killing gods, and abused a lot of well-known and unknown school teams.

finally won the national third place, and the level of champion and runner-up is actually not much different, when encountered is a narrow defeat, teachers and students are also very proud, their faces are very bright.

as a result, the school team was tortured on the ground at the sound of the whistle.

by the third quarter, the opponent was almost walking and playing ball, which was easier than when the school team used to torture others.

the gap between what we think is "pretty good" is actually a little unimaginable in front of people who depend on it for a living.

tell me another story about a friend's brother.

but he plays well in LOL, often kills other teams in the club in school competitions, and has won many championships in city Internet bar competitions.

the whole family was persuaded, and his brother couldn't help asking me what he thought of it.

"go to the first district to build a secondary account, play ranked from scratch, and go to Masters in two months." That's what I told him at the time.

Xiao Wu did so.

I have also seen him play, and his state of mind is very explosive.

I shook my head and said to his brother, forget it, it's good to play, it's hard to eat on this.

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I have seen those professional players who practice the basic skills of mending knives for more than ten hours a day.

and all this has to be done through specialized intensive training and competition review, which has become a highly professional job for them.


but this matter, 0 threshold, pick up the pen, look for tricks can write.

Let's put it this way, in a cluttered mailbox, there are hundreds of submitted emails every day, including writers who think they are brilliant.

when I open it, my eyes are so hot.

because there are few ready-made talents, and it takes a very high time cost to train a person who writes well.

so there is a very big gap in this so-called low-threshold profession until now.

post a group of conversations with intern writers today.

and these ideas are just a drop in the ocean in our experience after climbing and rolling.

but this is also the biggest advantage.

for writers,

1. A fee of 400-4000 per article.

3. Let people who like to write gain the ability to survive and live better on it.

1. The potential to write a good article. (judging by my subjective judgment)

3. Actively revise the manuscript after I give feedback.

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