"you go to sleep. I'll call you when you get there."

"you go to sleep. I'll call you when you get there."
She didn't withdraw her hand.

he didn't talk to me all the way. I sat in the back row listening to music and soon got sleepy.

it's strange that I, who can't sleep in bed, actually slept in the car for the soundest sleep in the past few months.

from then on, I had a special feeling for the back seat, and I found that I was not the only one who thought so.

she didn't withdraw her hand.

every time I see her at school, I subconsciously bow my head and pretend to be playing with my cell phone.

then one night, I met her in KTV's box. I was singing quite steadily, but all of a sudden I started to sing.

We got in the car and sat side by side without talking.

that scene suddenly reminded me of in the mood for Love, in which Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung were sitting in the back row. Tony Leung put his hand over carefully and tried to hold her hand.

the difference is that Maggie Cheung withdraws her hand in the movie, but she doesn't.

@ Liu Bai

crying in the dormitory will be heard by roommates, crying in the street will be looked at by strangers, even if crying in the hospital toilet, will be urged by patients outside the door: "cry outside."

suddenly thought of this, because some time ago, I was very anxious that I could not write a manuscript, and my parents exerted a lot of pressure on me. I had too many negative emotions in my heart, and I wanted to vent but could not find a breakthrough.

sitting in the back row, I am free to some extent.

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many people think that sad people need comfort, but in fact, what we need is "don't care".

@ Kitty

for a while, my boyfriend and I had a cold war for a few days because of some conflicts. I could feel that we both wanted to make peace with each other, but no one wanted to compromise first.

roll down the window, it's him.

I giggled, and the unhappiness of the other day dissipated in an instant.

he took me in his arms: "on the way."

maybe people always know what to retain at the time of parting, so when they are ready to arrive at the station, before he is about to get out of the car and leave, I say "make up" first.

there are many words "Don't go", all of which are said when the other person is about to get off the bus.

it can not only meet our "travel needs", but also meet our "emotional needs", so that we who travel through the streets of the city all day long feel comfortable for a moment, just like the artistic conception described in the following poem, quiet and comfortable.

for urban youth like me who often work overtime, the best choice to travel is Li Orange chauffeured car, DiDi's chauffeured car brand . The quiet, clean and clean "three clean space" is a moment of luxury in our ordinary life.

especially when traveling in winter, it is like a warm lamp that lights up everyone's journey.

every time I go climbing with my friends, I get so tired that I can't walk halfway up the mountain.

the back row of cars in the city is like "moving pavilions", allowing weathered people to rest for a while.

there are people watching the road ahead. This car is being driven, so go ahead and sleep. I'll take care of the rest.

author /Liu Bai

Song /night shift

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more warm heart activities, all in the limousine chauffeured car, invite you to light the journey with warmth.