You forgot to reply to my message again.

You forgot to reply to my message again.
I don't have to be Ben again.

on the first day of the Lunar New year, there was an unprecedented event on the chat list.

I will reply immediately at first, but then I won't be very patient. I plan to save it until the evening and then reply with those who are close to me.

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it is strange that when we want to remind each other, we will always be unusually euphemistic, instead of complaining directly, we will ask "are you busy" and "what are you doing"?

so I immediately replied with two apologies, followed by two more sentences of not busy, and ended with three exclamation points.

once people feel guilty, they will use reduplicated words, exclamation marks, and reply faster.

in fact, most of the time it is really not intentional.

but also on purpose.

"I don't think it's necessary to reply. Wouldn't I just know?"

once he stopped joking, skimmed his lips and carefully explained that this was not exactly the case, but sometimes he was too busy to forget about it, and then he remembered it for a long time and didn't want to go back.

I looked down at my list and found that everyone was the same.

just whether intentional or not, it may mean repeated pondering and hesitation for the person who sent the message.

the omission of one side is the struggle of the other, even if it is not intentional.

at first I thought it was impractical and meaningless, but after asking a few friends, they said they would really use it.

for important messages, they choose to treat them as if they haven't read them, and then read them again like new messages.

it is true that forgetting itself is not targeted, but forgetting things that are unnecessary are often object-specific.

he said, "I think it is necessary to reply when colleagues see the message, which is respectful."

those things that you don't think are necessary, if you know that the other person takes it seriously, you seem to unconsciously try to do it as much as possible.

this sentence she said more than once proves that she attaches great importance to this matter, and she needs everyone's reply. If she doesn't, I will probably choose to block this group.

when we say we forget, we actually don't want to reply that much, and they don't get a reply, perhaps because they don't want a reply that much.

I saw a passage of nearly ten thousand likes on Weibo yesterday. The two speeds mentioned in

are somewhat exaggerated, but they point out one thing: "messages that are not answered in seconds are very likely to be forgotten temporarily."

so it's no wonder that those who ask again because of their importance show disappointment and humility in their words. They know better than us that forgetting is avoidable, but we still choose to forget.

they often don't get the real answer, so they have to wait until I forget.

Lu Yifei

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