You forget, people die.

You forget, people die.
This is a truth that everyone knows, but everyone pretends not to know.

this sentence was said to Caitou. When I saw this sentence, I was standing at the door of my mother's hometown in Hunan. There was a red and purple sunset in front of my eyes, and there were no crescent moons and stars that could be seen at night. There is everything in my hometown, but there is no WIFI, so I have to spend most of the day thinking about life.

his departure is a bit tragic. I have written it before, but I still want to write it again today.

Uncle said, "Today is the 29 and tomorrow is the 30th."

Uncle replied, "you remember wrong."

he called his uncle twice that night, asking the same question, and his answer was the same: "you remember wrong, tomorrow is the thirtieth."

my mother burst into tears that day. She staggered up to me and shouted to me with her cell phone: "your grandfather is gone, why doesn't he just wait for us?" Why can't you wait one more day? Why? "

later I learned that Grandpa was critically ill as early as September, and he was aware of his body, so he didn't want to go to the hospital to be tortured, and we also knew that Grandpa might not make it through the National Day. So my mother called him several times in early September and told him: "when the National Day comes back with your grandchildren, they will have a holiday on the 30th. As soon as we get home, we will set out and arrive late at night."

Grandpa called my name with a smile on the other side of the phone and said, "OK."

do you believe in human will?

because Grandpa made it to the 30th he thought, not even one more day.

in this way, in the early morning of the 29th, Grandpa left.

because something happened suddenly, a cousin was still in Guangzhou on the 30th of last year, and my mother and her sisters couldn't wait, so we drove to Hunan without waiting for him to come back.

he knelt at his grandfather's grave and burst into tears. Before going up the mountain, he told us how bad the environment was, but when he got to the loess, he could not speak.

when he came back this time, he cried and asked to the tombstone, "excuse me, Grandpa, can you forgive me?"

then we walked the dirt road for nearly half an hour back to the old house, and companionship became the only way for me to comfort him.

it's just some questions, and you have to be in a particular situation before you can find that answer.

he said, "you know, I was relieved after I asked my grandfather. I don't hate myself anymore." At that moment, I suddenly realized that what I should do is not remorse, but to you, that is, my loved ones, better. "


that's what Mu Xin taught when she was in her sixties. At that time, she and his students were at Chen Danqing's home in New York. They started with the relationship between literature and people, and then talked about life and death.

he said that the way to be a man is to understand that people are going to die.

at that time, I thought Mu Xin taught that lesson in order to let us die earnestly.

it turns out that not only do I have the sincerity to die.

after understanding this, I began to be kind to the people around me in a planned way, not only my family, but also my girlfriend, friends, and even my colleagues (and readers, of course).

when you get home, try to explain more than impatient;

go out with friends, read less on your phone, and give them more opportunities to talk;

when writing articles, think more about readers;

it's just that most of the time we are too confident in life.


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