"you didn't used to be like this."

"you didn't used to be like this."

recently she opened a studio on Taobao, and her brother asked casually about her work.

she nodded and held out her phone for me to see for myself.

the other person has a few words that make me uncomfortable. What I can't stand most is the sentence: " A small shop like you should be afraid of bad reviews, right?" "

do I say a lot of people do this?

is there no channel for safeguarding rights when I say so? She shook her head and said no.

because I have learned about the operation of Taobao with my sister before, if some fledgling stores get a bad review, there is basically no hope of making a profit for the whole product, and all the manpower, energy and financial resources invested before have been lost.

while feeling distressed, she lamented that she had actually changed a lot compared with when she was a child.

I talked about it because I thought of someone telling me backstage that an old friend said that she had changed and that she was not like this before, which made her very sad.

because the person who says "you have changed" should be a person who used to know you very well, a friend, and an important guy.

I often receive comments like "you've changed". At first, I feel very sad. I think I'm still me. I don't have anything. Why don't you like me all of a sudden?

my hairstyle has changed, my style of dressing has changed, my place of work has changed, my identity has changed, and even I have been liked. After so many changes, I have changed, it is normal.

you say I'm getting cold, or maybe I'm stronger.

and become strong, maybe just because I was crushed and destroyed while you were away.

but you know, I still don't say to a person, "you didn't used to be like this, you've changed."

Make people swoon over you in lace long sleeve wedding dresses! Effortless to use and amazing value too.

and I don't blame you for secretly making changes when I wasn't paying attention.

has not been able to accompany you through all the ups and downs and happiness, so you are not qualified to criticize your changes.

this is what I really think from the bottom of my heart-"Yes, you have changed, and so have I."

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