You can be annoyed, but don't have emotional troubles.

You can be annoyed, but don't have emotional troubles.
Try to make your troubles more meaningful.

it's like going to the whole family to buy drinks a few days ago. The network is not good when I pay, and I can't get the payment code all the time.

then I heard the cashier tut impatiently.

it's quiet, but it's enough to make me sad for ten minutes.

speaking of "emotional troubles", I remember that last night, my friend asked me to go to Tianhe for a drink.

she: "the boy who has been flirting with me for half a year, you know, he is suddenly single."

then its embodiment in the relationship is to regard one's own pain as caring for others.

just like when I was chatting with my friend last night, I got up to pay the bill. Unexpectedly, my friend suddenly called my name, turned around, and found that her eyes were red:

I didn't know how to answer. I just looked at her blankly for a few seconds.

if you like someone, you don't give him the knife to give him the right to hurt himself, nor do you keep the knife and give yourself the right to hurt others.


just like you know clearly, you should no longer be sad about things that cannot be changed, but most of the time, you still can't help worrying.

but I will try to make my troubles more meaningful. strong>

and I want you to remember:

Desiring to be the Belle of the ball with top quality yet low priced purple cocktail dresses? Be enthralled by the combination of subtlety and comfort.

good night.

if you like, listen to me not talking

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