You are advised to like more people at the same time.

You are advised to like more people at the same time.
Take it easy, it's not a crooked argument.

because this question is meaningless, it leaves only one answer after you are single: "I have a girlfriend."

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almost every time it starts with the youngest single dog.

We don't give advice, we just mock him.

in less than half an hour, he would shout, "I'll try it next week."

people who are working talk about their prospects, are looking for job opportunities, and are still confused in college. After everyone has finished a round of complaints, let's go back to the unimportant question:


this tangled state, in his words, "can't help but take a second look".

he picked out all the flower carapace from the bowl and asked to the table, "I'm not having an affair, am I?"

finally, the friend who hasn't started to fall in love says, "what a fart."

the theory of friends is also simple:

otherwise, you will suspect yourself of having an affair because you like a new person.

to put it bluntly, I don't like it enough.

but why deny your love for your girlfriend because you like someone else?

you don't need to doubt whether the other person is good enough or yourself.


of course there is.

at first, like that friend, I would secretly blame myself in the Internet bar and ask "what to do, I seem to have gone bad" in the big gear.

she told me: "if you are not convinced, then break up, I am not unpursued."

I want to be honest with my girlfriend about all my thoughts, but I also know that it will hurt our relationship.

I asked, "have you ever met a boy you would like?"

after answering, we were both happy.

I look innocent: "I can only say that everyone is thinking too much."

because in the current public opinion environment, a man /girlfriend, they are never qualified to talk about their love for other members of the opposite sex. Absolute dedication and loyalty are the cornerstones of a relationship.

but in fact, there is a degree deviation between "like" and "like".

I suggest you allow yourself to like several people at the same time, not to make excuses for you.

who is more important,

that's all.

"there are many temptations in the world, but I still don't think it's necessary."

author /Zhang Jingbi