You always wanted to be a sensible girlfriend.

You always wanted to be a sensible girlfriend.
Are you sure you're okay.

the weather is always sultry these days, so it's hard to avoid being in a bad mood.

if your boyfriend has been urging you to hurry up, talking to you in a tone of voice and a little impatient, you may be unhappy.

so you look at the scorching iron railing and don't say a word.

when your boyfriend asks you why you don't talk, you perfunctorily reply that it's nothing.

he is not stupid. When you hear this tone, you will know that you are angry.

but he is not smart enough to guess why you are angry, so he can only ask you over and over again:

"what's the matter with you?"

you always want to be a sensible girlfriend.

so you will go to dinner and watch movies by yourself when your boyfriend works overtime; when you are sad, let your boyfriend work first and talk about anything after work; even during the cold war, you will lie in bed and wonder if you have done something wrong.

but you find that even so, you still haven't done enough.

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it is a bit harsh to ask them to find an accurate and irrefutable reason for every emotion.

so, don't say that unintentional "nothing" for the sake of being so-called sensible or angry.

Music /you are not really happy

is it good-looking?