Yes, I'm leaving the mess.

Yes, I'm leaving the mess.
Those who are lost are lost, those who meet will meet again.

my first messy tweet, sent in October of 16 years, was titled eel whale, "Why did you

result two years later, and still haven't figured it out?"

there are not many people who can read clutter. Zhang Jingshi said that the average amount of reading is about 20,000, more than 30,000 is OK, and 40,000 is good. And the final reading volume is 50,000, I have to admit, very happy.

that's what my dad asked me.

in fact, it was not a good time at that stage. My father advised me, and my mother advised me. When some very close friends learned that I wanted to take writing as a regular job, they also confirmed to me again and again whether they were serious.

I joined the clutter with the determination that I must become stronger. I even thought at that time that I should hurry up and learn so that I could go to a larger platform to continue my study.

it's just that something happened later. I talked about it in Huanong's speech, and I made Zhang Jingshi cry at that time.

on that day, I was clutching my computer while listening to everyone's talk and writing during the messy topic selection meeting off the line in Guangzhou. When he finished writing at more than six o'clock in the afternoon, he took a look at the thorns, and he said it was not very good.

that night, the thorns changed in the Internet bar for almost an hour. When we thought that, um, it was not bad, there was an accident, and the manuscript that had been changed for more than an hour was gone.

Zhang Jingshi looked at me and asked me if I wanted to push tonight. I was embarrassed, nodded and said yes. Then he said yes, said he would continue to change, and then let us go to the backstage readers who asked why there was no update and said, wait for us for a while.

when it was sent out, the reading volume increased very fast, and there were really a lot of people waiting for us.

it was a wonderful morning in the Internet bar. Zhiyuan and I didn't go to the hotel later. We stayed up all night in the Internet bar and talked a lot. I mentioned that my family didn't agree, and Yuanxia said he was, too.

I was lucky to stay in the clutter and continue to write what I wanted to express. In two years, I slowly wrote from 20,000 to 50,000, from 50,000 to 100,000.

if someone started reading clutter at the beginning of 17 years, they would find that I often wrote about this friend named Lao Yan.

at that time, I was a very sensitive person, but because I used my real name, some friends were reading my articles, and I was very happy in front of my friends, so whenever I wrote hypocritical stories, I moved Lao Yan out.

now think about it. From the beginning of joining the clutter, leaving has actually occurred frequently.

before I joined the clutter, one of my favorite authors was Tong C. not long after I came in for 16 years, she stopped writing because she was ill.

in the spring of 17 years, the eel whale left the clutter and opened its own sea of eel whales, where it wrote its own 100,000 plus.

Blake said something I liked at that time. He said, "those who are lost are lost, and those who meet will meet again."

in the spring of 17 years, when I was in charge of the first round of screening, a guy sent an email a little late.

this guy's name is Pepe, and he became my girlfriend now.

I have met a lot of people in the past two years.

Dress and appear sumptuous in our fashionable high neck formal dresses. Consider these fabulous collections.

sometimes I'm happy and sometimes I'm sad, and most of the time I feel like she really regards me as a friend.

that year, it happened to be the oldest group of people to graduate, and then Zhiyuan was going to set off for an internship in a hospital in Shanghai, so everyone gave a little farewell at that concert.

after that music festival, I met a lot of readers and chatted with a group, mostly girls, so I deliberately named that group "fat readers".

I replied that I remember you and replied to be happy. At that time, I was a little reluctant to give up, but in fact, I began to accept that each relationship has its own time limit.

believe that those who meet will meet again.

A lot of things happened in the summer of 17 years. I went to many places to give lectures, went to Beijing to see the scene of wonderful things, wrote 500000 plus, went to NetEase to be an intern, had an affair with my future girlfriend, and started a radio station for two.

and in the process, I once came up with the idea of leaving the clutter.

this state began to make me don't know what to write and how to write it right. In the end, I couldn't type a word for several hours in front of the computer every day. I felt very painful and hesitated to forget it.

October of 17 years, I opened a personal number, wrote blindly, no positioning, no theme, purely depends on personal interests. Sometimes people who write three hundred words have recently become obsessed with the method of writing four thousand words.

this is the balance of job and interest I found, which might have lasted if I hadn't been ill at the beginning of 18 years.

getting sick at the beginning of 18 years is actually no big deal. Tachycardia has something to do with work and rest, emotion and stress.

but during the Spring Festival, because I was ill, I basically didn't write an article. I relied on others to support it. Then when I had a rest at home, I found that it was good without my clutter.

moved to Guangzhou in March. On the fourth anniversary of May, people also rented tens of thousands of livehouse. There was no need for readers to feed mosquitoes. There were drinks and beautiful event arrangements.

I'm trying to find a new breakthrough, but maybe it's because I have a lot of reading even if I write blindly, and I never know what a better article is, so I have a lot of different ideas from the people on the team.

then, one afternoon in August 18, I told the thorns that I was gone and would not stay in the clutter.

get out of thereOne day, Chen Lian took me all the way to the elevator. We didn't talk, but he knew I was leaving, and I knew he was seeing me off.

it was the first time I walked out of the office building at three or four o'clock in the afternoon. People were in a hurry. After thinking about the time, I might be home by 04:30. I used to go home for dinner at work at eight o'clock, but it wasn't time for dinner when I got home that day.

for example, among fat readers, when readers say they have bought messy clothes, can I ask for my signature, I don't know how to tell them that I have left, so I have to say, no problem. Give me the address. I'll send it myself so as not to leak it.

I never told the readers who read my account, the readers who read the clutter, that I left the clutter because I didn't know how to speak. And I also told the thorns that if anyone asked why I was not messing around, I would say I was ill.

but there are some good things, such as jumping out of a comfort zone and a busy work circle, I begin to have more time to focus on my study and myself.

later, when I stood on the electronic scale and found that I had lost eight jin, I came up with an idea: "there are a lot of things I want to do, but I can't do this alone."


after all, this is no longer an account for college students to use love to generate electricity for their ideals. I know the importance of survival and major.

then you will see this sentence and really want to cry, and you will feel that you are really lucky. When I started a new account, I always thought I was starting all over again, but it wasn't.

A lot of people helped to retweet that day, and that scene reminded me of my first messy post two years ago, when my friends forwarded several screens of articles for me.

I told readers on my account that I am no longer cluttered anymore, and many people have expressed their sadness, and when I write here, I really want to tell those who are sad that it's okay.


I am a little reluctant to give up, but I also hope to be better together.

those strange ideas, special forms, such as comics, animations, and even videos, we all want to show better on this account, and it has only one goal, which is good-looking enough.

above, good night for the last time.