Wu Qingfeng: I have never seen such a gentle boy like him.

Wu Qingfeng: I have never seen such a gentle boy like him.
I kind of want to be that person, too.

(Wu Qingfeng proposed to hold hands with the contestants to celebrate his strongest brand)

all I know is that some area of my body that has been hammered by life has really been hit.

originally imagined that the feeling was warm, but the lyrics were so moving that the three people could not help but say, "has he been living behind us for the past 17 years?" So that every word can be written into our hearts. "

the person who knows this best is hebe. A song called "you" appeared in the son of tomorrow. Wu Qingfeng, as a judge, could not help laughing because the song was written by him and written to Tian Fuzhen.

in a later interview, Hebe said that the accident brought the hearts of the three people together, and at that time Wu Qingfeng wrote "I can't replace your pain a little more, but I wish time could go faster" , "the sun appears, bask in all your beauty".

she is the calmest and least crybaby of the three, but she is repeatedly poked by Wu Qingfeng's lyrics. She doesn't even know why Wu Qingfeng can understand a friendship between girls so thoroughly and watertight.

Wu Qingfeng once mentioned that he usually writes the song first and then slowly fills in the lyrics. At the moment of writing the song, he will vaguely have a major concept, and then collage and accumulate bit by bit in the future, this is the way he understands things.

(they worked together for the first time at the hitto Pop Music Awards in June)

in fact, he has long clarified that he is half rational and half emotional.

it has been reported in the media that he likes to dislike fans. Earlier, he gave Zhang Bichen to sing "less than the Rain" sung by Soda Green, and fans denounced on Weibo, "even if you have the copyright, don't sing the song to others casually, as it will stain my memory."

he doesn't like autographs, nor does he like fans to give gifts and pick them up. The reporter asked him what to do if fans spend money on his new songs to hit the charts and scan the data.

he can even rationally answer the question of whether he has changed. He says you don't have to emphasize that you haven't changed, just tell the other person, yes, I have changed, I have changed for the better.

it is precisely because he does not suppress other emotions that anger is anger. When he is gentle, he can be completely gentle. it is said that he had a group chat with Zhang Xuan and Zhang Junyi, and the three people would say I love you to each other every day.

what I didn't expect is that Wu Qingfeng's gentleness does not come from his family.

and the mother and sister are also in a weak position, unable to fight back and can only be beaten. All they can do is hug and cry.

in high school, he met the bass hand sweetener of soda green. Xinyi accompanied him with whatever he wanted to sing in high school. After college, he wanted to form an orchestra, so Xinyi found members one by one.

after that, Wu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuan met at a live house called the Witch Store. At that time, everyone was still unknown. Zhang Xuan was only responsible for tuning and became friends.

Wu Qingfeng's tenderness seems to have been nourished from the experience of being treated well. Later, he wrote songs for himself and Zhang Xuan's story, "kites are flying in the sky, people on the ground chase them on the ground" , and "when I know you need a summer, I will work very hard."

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before singing, he said , "do you remember just clicking this song? I know it's not you who scold her. Next time you hear someone scold her, will you scold her back?"

(37-year-old Zhang Xuan and 36-year-old Wu Qingfeng)

I have always been a person who is unwilling to take the initiative to greet friends, as if there is a prejudice in my heart that the price will drop as soon as I open my mouth.

I seldom express my feelings directly, whether happy or angry, but I know very well that these opening remarks are not common, and this is a rare moment when people show a gentle face. so I didn't hesitate before replying to the sentence "very touched".

Wu Qingfeng once thanked bassist Xinyi in front of tens of thousands of people at a concert and said, I'm really glad to meet you 16 years ago.

and at this moment, I finally want to be that person.

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