Written in a messy second anniversary.

Written in a messy second anniversary.
It's a messy second anniversary.

@ Zhang thorns

I filled in the word "disorganized" in the name of the platform.

but in his two years of disorganized work, he has been laughed at countless times by others.

to tell you the truth, during that half-month of work, I may have been a real loser in the eyes of my boss, and I couldn't do anything to meet his requirements. After ten hours of revision of a manuscript, I was devastated. At 2 o'clock at night, I said to my boss, "I still want to do what I like."

I still remember New Year's Eve's day, in order to push before the meal, I began to write after posting the couplet at noon. When dinner was about to be served at home after 5 o'clock, I hadn't finished yet. My father knocked on my door three times and told me to go out for dinner quickly. I kept saying, "it's almost there. Give me another 10 minutes."

I looked at him and said, "I'm useless without it." "

@ eel whale

if you ask me what I got, maybe I won't say, from the 1300 views of the first article to the first 20w + this week, it's unthinkable.

I won't say that when we saw our article published in a magazine, the school invited us to give a speech. In the early hours of this evening, when I went back to the car in Songshan Lake, I could hardly imagine reading what I had written on the headset.

maybe get a meal.

@ Tongc

We wrote in the hallway of the dormitory, in the shopping mall, on the bus, and then we began to read more than 1,000, more than 6,000, more than 10,000.

No one dares to say that there is bound to be a future, but everyone dares to say that it will not be "impossible".

@ Zero

@ Limy

at this time, Zhang's mail jumped across the ocean to my screen.


"Welcome." Everything seems to be getting better after


We all are.

"Welcome." Everything seems to be getting better after


We all are.

my fingers have been used to press the shutter instead of code words for many years, so much so that when I recruited new students in April, I was in such a hurry that I had only a few photographic notes. When I received the reply, I was in English class, and my handwriting trembled slightly when I wrote the words. I was surprised and surprised. But after the excitement is more at a loss.

when I first came in, I actually had a lot of psychological pressure. Everyone wrote manuscripts with high productivity and efficiency, but I lost my desire to express because I had been dealing with pictures for a long time. It takes a long time for an article to take shape from conception to formalization. And the more you are urged, the more confused you think. When I asked the thorns how to break through and where to start, he just told me, "write more." It doesn't matter if you don't write well, you can only delete it and start all over again. " Vivi also said to me, "take your time and pick up the pen you put down." Disorganized is a warm team, tolerant and patient enough to make progress without leaving anyone behind.

"in fact, it doesn't make sense if you can't make 100,000 fans."

but then again, I don't want to use money or the number of fans as a criterion to judge whether something makes sense or not. money and the number of fans are very important. they provide more opportunities and resources for us to think and do, but they can never decide what we are going to do or what we want to do.

so a number can always be a target, but it is not a meaning.

as long as we all get better day by day, I think clutter makes sense.

Tonight there is no background music

(hey, you found it again)


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the name itself is angular