Without scalpers, you may not be able to get this ticket

Without scalpers, you may not be able to get this ticket
Something has to be on the spot.

"this kind of musical movie must be seen in the cinema." My girlfriend said.

"if I had been at the scene, I would have cried."

because my girlfriend and I burst into tears the first time we listened to live music.

A singer on the beach was singing by the side of the road, singing "Miss Dong", which was popular that year, so we sat by and listened to the song.

my girlfriend shook her head and signaled me to continue listening to the music.

after several folk songs, the singer suddenly sang the half-moon serenade. He dropped a few key, his hoarse voice and the night breeze sounded surprisingly comfortable.

"what's the matter, are you sick?"

"does your father sing so well?"

I almost forgot that my girlfriend is from Chaoshan.

I went back to the inn and listened to it, but I didn't feel that way anymore.

on the 30th of that year, my girlfriend suddenly asked me if I remember the band that sang "stubborn". She told me that they would have a concert in Guangzhou in March next year.

in fact, I didn't even know who was the lead singer of May Day at that time.

"Let's go to the concert next time. There's still a chance." My girlfriend comforted me.

at 06:30 that evening, I sat in the classroom and began my retake exam.

before entering the market, we bought two glow sticks at the door, and as a result, we bought fake products.

"the concert was a terrible experience." I complained to my girlfriend.

the opening song is "Party Animals" and the concert begins. Slowly, in the super high singing, in A Xin's "rubbish", my girlfriend and I forgot the embarrassment just now and danced with glowing red sticks.

that feeling is like going back to high school, when the singing contest is over, everyone is still very excited and continues to sing.

"there is a whale in the deep sea that will emit a low frequency of 52 hertz, and then the whales will come together, and I will think that music is this thing."

this band from Taipei seems to have been destined to be romantic since its inception.

taking a loved one to listen to the scene of "Sunset Flying car" is probably one of many people's wish lists.

"Sunset Speed" even wrote in the performance notes:

if "Live" means romance, then "Sunset Speed" is the Paris of many people.

A few days ago, "Sunset Flying car" participated in the "back to the scene" music project jointly launched by Ballantine's and Netease Music "STAGE stage". They returned to the streets of Taipei where they inspired their music and had a romantic "date" with passers-by.

this "back to the scene" music plan takes the form of offline music live and online music documentaries, with the most real scene, to bring people the most real surprise and touching.

in fact, these three groups of musicians are only the beginning of Ballantine's 's "back to the scene" activity. In order to support those independent musicians who never compromise and adhere to their own music style, Ballantine's will continue to do more related activities.

the most important reason why I like to listen to "Live" probably comes from the realism brought by "Live".

nowadays a lot of things go through PS, packaging, or various treatments before being pushed out. Although it may be more "perfect", it lacks the most moving sense of reality.

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