Winter is coming, want to hold a thermos cup girl.

Winter is coming, want to hold a thermos cup girl.
They are indeed like "babies", worth cherishing.

before she sent this thermos cup, I only dared to declare that she was my friend, but I dared not admit that I was her friend.


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she eats alone, goes to class alone, goes to the library alone, and even attends club activities only when she has to be present. On weekdays, she almost never shows up for midnight snacks and singing that we organize privately.

in the moments that have been shown for only half a year, there are only a few songs, a few pictures, and even the cover is full of cold colors, just like her first impression on outsiders.

that day, my friend and I made an appointment to go to the side stove, because we arrived early, the hot pot restaurant was not yet packed with heat and heels, and there were still many seats in the middle of the lobby.

if it hadn't been for passing by when I went to the bathroom, I probably wouldn't have noticed that there was an Ah Li hidden in the dimly lit corner.

she sat on the sofa and waited silently for the soup to boil. There was only a pair of chopsticks on the table, and the meat on the plate was half missing.

maybe it was because she was afraid that the hot air from the hot pot was too hot, or maybe it was because she was afraid of saying hello. I went to the bathroom several times, but I never dared to talk to her.

because the "thermos cup girl" always wraps herself up with stitches.


but in fact, the inner tank of a "thermos cup girl" tends to be much warmer than the outer shell.

once after class, I left the classroom late. When I went out, I met A Li, who was leaning against the railing and basking in the sun.

I was a little surprised and said naturally, "Hey, waiting for someone?"

as soon as I uttered my words, I regretted it, but I received an affirmative reply: "my friend has been under a lot of pressure recently and wants me to accompany her to the library."

she saw my surprise and added: "although I am used to going alone, I do not reject being with my friends."

I laughed, leaned against the railing and joked: "they didn't dare to call you before."

"maybe", she doesn't mind, "but now that they call me, I should always be here."

I remembered how she ate hot pot alone that day, but her friend's greeting stopped me, and A Li greeted me with a faint smile.

I watched her walk side by side with her friend half a fist away, without holding hands, but she didn't feel at all disobedient.

that night, a photo of A Li and her friends appeared in the moments.

they went not only to the library, but also to a famous Japanese restaurant nearby.

I looked at A Li's faint smile in the picture and thought of her usual response to every greeting, her serious reply to every Wechat, and the occasional appearance in her circle of friends, a friend's birthday cake, a sister's graduation ceremony.

I suddenly understand why Ah Li, who looks cold, is unexpectedly popular.

just as a thermos cup can store hot water, "thermos cup girls" also know how to store enthusiasm. On weekdays, the lid is tightened without a drop, but when needed, it will be steaming hot as soon as it is opened.

she was not very surprised at my appearance, wiping her mouth.

I said, "do you often come to eat hot pot alone?"

while Ah Li was drinking tea, I sent a message to several other friends: "it's all right, it's over."

from then on, I really knew A Li a little bit, and it was after that that I began to tease her as a "thermos cup girl".

Unfortunately, most people only enjoy the stability and sense of security brought by the "thermos cup girl", but they are not distressed. They have digested many bad emotions in private.

author /Zhu Haokai

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