Wine at night.

Wine at night.
Have a drink.

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Liquor is the greatest invention in the history of human development, and the most popular invention is beer.

so even though it is often associated with "madness" and labeled with all kinds of malicious labels, I have never regarded it as the devil.

I sneered in my heart as a sign of disdain.

the string can't fall on the right tone forever, it will break after a long time.

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they always pursue perfection, but they never think about whether it is true or not.

it's not beautiful, because you know it's hypocritical.

this is something I firmly believe in, and it is also an excuse for my love of drinking.

I am very picky in this matter, and I have tried all kinds of beer. I like 1664 white beer best, blue cobalt glass bottle, which tastes slightly citrus.

is like the feeling of confusion when you are in the same room with an ambiguous girl, which can make people forget and unhappy.

in nightclubs, mini-bars, big stalls.

College students like Budweiser, which seems a little childish to me, just like I was two or three years ago.

but Budweiser is actually very bad, the industrial flavor is too strong, sometimes it is not as good as domestic cheap beer, I don't like it.

A small part of the time, through all kinds of sadness, find an excuse to indulge yourself.

Middle-aged people prefer traditional domestic beer, Qingdao Yanjing and Xuehua Harbin Beer. Everyone has their own beer, which is difficult to change and doesn't want to change.

most people feel guilty when they drink for the first time. Alcohol is regarded as the source of all evil, unhealthy and easy to cause trouble.

if you've ever been drunk, you should be able to understand that the so-called guilt is nothing compared to the pleasure of drinking.

first the mood is bad, then the brain is paralyzed, and finally completely forgotten (temporarily).

so there is another reincarnation.

as soon as the word "drinking" is put out, it is already depraved enough. It tastes heavy, is unhealthy, and is easy to get out of control. It is really necessary to investigate and list 10,000 guilty points, which are innumerable.

but that's enough.

you might as well go home and go to bed early.

the whole escape process of being slightly tipsy while drinking should also be recognized by empathy.

Human beings have the instinct to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, but it seems that no one is willing to admit this instinct generously and is happy to ban the instinctive behavior of others of the same kind.

in fact, no one can make instinct disappear, and even if it is ostensibly banned and imprisoned in a cage, it will be ready to move inside, staring at the key pinned to the caretaker's waist, looking forward to the moment of indulgence.

the lion will not come back after he escapes from his cage.

so either pretend to be sunny all the time or don't touch the wine at all.

the higher the end is, the easier it is to fall down.

although every time I get drunk, the pain will still be exposed in the moments.

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"Spring is far away but summer is not coming"

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"Spring is far away but summer is not coming"

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"Spring is far away but summer is not coming"

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