Will you come to my graduation photo?

Will you come to my graduation photo?
I'll take you here.

I went to take my friend's graduation photo the other day.

I was stupefied when I saw his red tie, white shirt and black trousers.

later, although I went to the same university, I seldom met or even talked to each other unexpectedly.

"it's a little fast." He seemed to sigh a little, and then pointed to the library. "are you going over there?"

after saying goodbye, I took a few steps, then looked back at his direction as if remembering something, and found that it was already far away.

people follow the path of their own choice, there may be intersection, or they may be drifting away, but in short, they will really go their separate ways.

the closer you are to graduation, the easier it is to think of these four words.

so look for part-time jobs, internships and jobs. College students always associate graduation with employment, so they make a lot of preparations for their work.

I arrived at the graduation photo shoot earlier than my appointed friend that day.

after pressing the send button, I looked up at the people around me.

the only difference is that we were only a junior last year, and we were able to parody those freshmen mercilessly, tie posts, throw artificial lakes, and prepare strange clothes.

I couldn't help shaking my head and smiling. The next year came, and it was our turn. As a result, they didn't come back to get back at us.

secretly remember those who said they would come to my graduation photo.

then a friend who graduated last year said, "when it's your turn to graduate, you should want to take pictures."

until it was my turn to take a quick graduation photo, I suddenly thanked the world for having a graduation photo.

but I can use it to bid farewell to those who are about to go their separate ways or have gone their separate ways.

I don't know if I have really become a lawyer now.

the backtable of Senior three was admitted to Zhejiang University as a graduate student.

the medical students who went to Shanghai last year haven't seen each other for a long time.

We will meet a lot of people and leave a lot of people.

and there will be a faint voice in the bottom of my heart.

Our stunning petite mother of the bride dresses are absolutely unmissable. Have a look at our smooth textile collection now!

so in fact, the graduation photo, like the farewell wine that people used to drink when they saw you off, represents " I will send you here ".

I don't think this is polite.

We want to give you a reason to continue to face this lousy life

here we collect young people who are not willing to cater to it.