"will you come to me again when you have a girlfriend?"

"will you come to me again when you have a girlfriend?"
Among so many important people, don't forget her.

me: " girlfriend."

"what's wrong?"


"where will it be?"

I can't help laughing:

when many people see "you won't come to me when you have a girlfriend," they will think of passages such as "spare tire", "bitterness" and "love but not get".

at the end of the article, I wrote this sentence:

at that time, I went to school, stayed in bed, and got up very angry. My mother thought of a lot of ways to wake me up.

after waking me up, my mother didn't go away, but stood still and shook her head, saying that ticklish men love their wives but not their mothers. Then he sighed deliberately and said things like "done", "raised for nothing", "it would be better to throw it away" and so on.

there are many similar things. For example, when I was learning to cook, I didn't particularly like cooking at first, and then my mother inadvertently said, "you can't even cook, where can a girl like you?"

in the past, I only took what my mother said as a joke and didn't take it to heart.

my mother stretched her neck and asked me, "can't you not go back to dinner first?"

I know why she said that, because I often forget to reply to my mother's Wechat messages, and she has been talking about it for a long time.

my mother will be unhappy, too, and women are unexpectedly highly unified in the matter of "replying to messages".

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girlfriend and mom react differently when they are unhappy.

probably she mistakenly thought that I was not in the habit of replying in seconds, but only to her.

later I told my mother that I often forgot to reply to my girlfriend.

and then said a lot of girlfriends should be treated well and so on, so that you can't lose your temper like a child. After that, he stressed it several times and asked me if I had remembered it.

in fact, I laugh because she is unhappy when she sees that her children are so kind to others, but she still teaches her children how to be nice to others.

the role of mother is pure and lovely, and all she thinks about is how to be nice to you.

in fact, my mother actually spoils me a lot of times and seldom asks me.

Last year I learned a little bit. During the holidays, I would suddenly come home to surprise my mother and make her happy.

she didn't blame me for my infrequent contact. Every time she mentioned it, she just asked me if I was really busy recently. Don't stay up late, don't order takeout, cook and eat better by yourself. Go get busy.

this is always the case. We focus on the city where we work, forget to contact our families, and focus on the people we like, but seldom call home.

that's why I recorded my conversation with my mother that day to remind myself--

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