Why do we like Wang Jiaer?

Why do we like Wang Jiaer?
Like that, yearning for freedom of Wang Jiaer.

I first met Wang Jiaer from the song "papillon" of "there is Hip Hop in China".

everyone knows that his clothes are very good, that he is from Hong Kong, that he has a very popular song called "Papillon", and that he is a trainee who made his debut in Korea.

father Wang Ruiji won China's first Asian Games fencing gold medal, while his mother Zhou Ping was a bronze member of the Olympic gymnastics women's team.

so later, when Wang Jiaer held a contract for a Korean trainee, not only his family, but almost everyone thought it was a joke.

No one can understand, and no one thinks that Wang Jiaer should be a singer.

when Wang Jiaer was 14, a star from an overseas agency asked him if he was interested in becoming a singer. He was fascinated by the fledgling Bigbang, so he was a little excited.

"hilarious, so small to be a star? They lied to you. "

Wang Jiaer is frustrated without the support of his family.

he began to imitate Hahan's clothes.

he even used GarageBand to make his own songs.

and this is a full three years.

three years later, that is, the year of the Asian Youth Games, Wang Jiaer was spotted by a talent scout from the current agency.

is called the three major brokerage companies in Korea together with SM and YG.

"if you want to win the Asian championship, you will go."

so my father wanted to tell Wang Jiaer, "stop dreaming."

parents' kindness to their children is always restrained.

when his children are unwilling to follow their own planned path,

thought that this would dispel Wang Jiaer's idea.

he felt that he had been waiting for this condition for three years.

later, no one knows how much Wang Jiaer fought for his life and how much sweat he shed.

when he got home that day, he put the gold medal in front of his father and asked softly: "can I go now?"

at that time, the father suddenly realized that his son was serious all the time. Even if he refuses this time, next time, next time, Wang Jiaer will keep asking him, "can I go now?"

Wang Jiaer smiled and said, "I won't do anything without confidence."

Wang Jiaer finally got the chance to go to Korea.

because, like most people, he suddenly found that the competition around

was so fierce that he doubted himself every day: "I am neither tall nor handsome, nor can I sing, nor can I dance, nor can I rap. "

before he decided to get on a plane to Korea, he threw away the champion, the offer of a good university, and his place in the Olympic Games. He was completely out of touch with the past.

when people are in PUBG, there are only two options: either wait for death, or crawl on the ground, waiting for a chance to be shot in the head.

he is not really a very talented person. He often laughs at himself that he is born with short feet and that his height of 175 does not have the upper hand among artists.

having the status of an athlete does not mean that he has better physical strength than others, but that he is "more eager to win" than anyone else.

in order to win, Wang Jiaer treated himself even harder.

on the face of it, his opponent is a large group of trainees in the company.

but for a person with "sportsmanship", success or failure is very important:

it is precisely because of the underlying desire to win and to be relentless to yourself that you see:

that's why you see that Wang Jiaer said in the program almost coldly:

so you can see that on the day of recording, this young man who has not recovered from an old injury can make several clean somersaults in a row.

(in order to complete the somersault, he even asked the doctor to give himself an injection so that he could grit his teeth. )

for him, completing his own work is the first demand.

at the end of 15 years, Wang Jiaer returned home to host an online variety show with he Jiao: "Please refrigerator".

for example, he will say "14 years old is not mature" to "14 years old is half the people".

but after filming the third season of Please the refrigerator in 17 years, he said to he, "Brother, I want to go back to being a singer."

but Wang Jiaer knows that he didn't give up everything at the age of 17 to become a variety caf é.

14, 17 or now, the reason why he is so ruthless is that he wants to be a singer.

"Papillon", which became popular last year because of "there is Hip Hop in China", was Wang Jiaer's single released in August 17.

in the minds of many senior fans, this film is a niche work with the theme of prison break, which can be compared with Shawshank's Redemption. itsDouban score is as high as 8.7.

Papillon Movie poster

Steve McQueen (the leading actor) plays the role of prison escape Xiaoqiang again. Nothing can stop my yearning for freedom. Even if he is old and gray, he is still facing the sea, putting all his eggs in one basket, and the complete scene of jumping into the sea is shocking. The construction of the harsh environment is very real, highlighting the hero's tough temperament.

for more than 20 years, Wang Jiaer has been fighting desperately for his freedom.

but the problem is: when Wang Jiaer wants to become a rapper, the above two "sports" tags will become his biggest shackles to freedom.

you come from a sports family. You won the Ya Qing Champion. How will you react if you say "I want to sing" to others?

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so in the song, he sang a "Oh lord oh lord I truly feel blessed,Been trapped inside so long", which literally means:

"I really feel blessed, but I have also been bound for too long."

at the same time, this constraint is also "sports talent", "birth" and "variety sense".

cocoon breaking is a natural evolution.

if you confuse the two, it's easy to misunderstand the original meaning of the song.

he broke away from his family background, honor, and even "variety" in order to become a free rapper.

there are "diligent Wang Jiaer", "sports genius Wang Jiaer", and even "smart and far-sighted Wang Jiaer".

Wang Jiaer, who is desperate for freedom.

for him, to give up everything is not to become a hot idol for a while, but to become a really top hip-hop singer.

and you never know when and how many times someone who seems to have it all will start fighting for it all.

Music Papillon-Wang Jiaer

Chen Lian, Zhang Jingzhi

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