Why do we always think about Naoki Jiang?

Why do we always think about Naoki Jiang?
A festival named after Naoki Jiang.

this can be traced back to the 13-year foreground version of "mischievous Kiss," in which Naoki Jiang became the dream lover of countless girls.

he is handsome, smart, rich and, more importantly, all his rejections of Xiangqin are straight and ruthless.

it's probably hard for boys to understand why such indifferent and rude people become the lovers of our dreams.

because he will go home and say to his brother, "I know you don't like idiots, but don't bully my wife too much" after telling everyone face to face that he hates mindless idiots.

when he refused to spend Christmas with Xiangqin, he bought Xiangqin's favorite chocolate cake that night. when Xiangqin happily ate chocolate and asked him why he didn't buy his own favorite strawberry flavor, he sneered and said it was the only flavor in the store.

it is Naoki Jiang who makes us find that boys also know romance and tenderness, but they always have to make us angry and disappointed for a while, intentionally or unintentionally, and then make up for it later.

but not every boy in the world has this kind of consciousness. They usually only make people angry and disappointed, and then they don't even notice that their girlfriend is angry, and they even come up with a grievance and ask, "what have I done wrong?"

so, you ask me why I like Naoki, I think I will tell you, because every time I fall in love, Naoki gives me hope.

what people like most about Naoki Jiang is that he is "willing".

the day Naoki went to take the college exam, Xiangqin silently followed him to accompany him to the examination room.

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I don't know how many people can be as lucky as Xiangqin to be the right side of Libra, but I know that every time we are left out and ignored, Libra will not lean to our side, and we will be disappointed again and again.

and even Yuan Xiangqin may not be able to meet the person who secretly recited the love letter Xiangqin wrote to him, did nothing to her and told her not to fall into his mother's trap when Xiangqin spent the night with her.

then say, "Hello, Mr. Jiang, I'm Yuan Xiangqin from Class F", humble but brave.

in life, talented students as smart as Naoki are common, and girls as simple and sweet as Xiangqin are also common. It is hard to meet again:

here are collected young people who are not willing to cater to.