Why do I always chat to death?

Why do I always chat to death?
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can't find the right opening remarks?

what kind of speech is the best way to annoy boys?

if you are trying to get out of order and are a little confused and shy on the way to finding a boyfriend, you don't know how to take the first step?

Lu Qi teaches you the skills of flirting with people hand in hand, which can make him fall in love with you instantly without being good-looking.

is he not interested in you? Actually, no, it's because you can't "talk" and don't know the skills of chatting.

for example, in the case of the following girl, a very common conversation, she died of a chat based on the result of the chat.

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male: in

the first cold spot appeared, the boys delayed to give a response, perhaps eating or playing games, girls thought, bad, the time is not right.

Man: yes, how about you?

Don't let this kind of chat appear in your chat, it is very boring, and more than three sentences of the conversation have not ignited a boy's interest, which will make him lose interest in you. The girl wondered why he didn't take the initiative to say something, whether he was not interested in me. Fortunately, the boy spoke.

woman: I'm not going anywhere. Let's just stay at home. (sent a boring expression by the way)

for the second time, the girl thought, oh, say the words again, hurry up and fix it.

male: I have been to Yunnan once. It used to be quite beautiful, but now it is quite chaotic. Your girl must find someone to accompany you to be safe.

Man: let me see if I'm free.