When you get old, you must accompany me to the hospital.

When you get old, you must accompany me to the hospital.
I'm afraid of becoming a lonely old man.

I went out for a day wearing contact lenses, rubbing my eyes with my hands for a long time, and came back to take them off and found that the contact lenses were missing. After looking in the mirror for a long time, I finally found a small corner left on my eyeball.

in the early morning, the school road was dark and windy. The emergency bell at the door was rung and strange music was played in the empty hospital hall. After waiting in the cold wind for a while, a middle-aged uncle in blue plastic slippers came out to open the door.

after looking for a long time, a middle-aged male doctor who had just been woken up came up to me while putting on his white coat.

"contact lenses are broken in my eyes."

"I can't see it, and I won't do it for you. Come back tomorrow."

"Sunday." "No."

"drop what? I'm not. Could you open some for me? "


the next day, a man called a taxi to the hospital.

I asked the nurse where I could register, and she said, "anywhere is fine."

I had to guess and ran to another floor before I found the manual registration office. I told her that it was my first time here, and she gave me a medical card, but she didn't give me a case.

I asked again inaudibly, and she repeated it vaguely, inaudibly.

when I walked to the elevator entrance, a girl with a "volunteer" armband walked next to me to wait for the elevator while playing with her mobile phone. She never looked up, seriously chatted with the person at the other end of the screen, and laughed from time to time.

she is still focused on her mobile phone.

"is it possible not to buy it?"

she repeated it again and walked away with a smile on her phone.

at least it knows how to answer the question.

I bought a new case just in case. I found myself in seventh place in the ophthalmology department. I was glad I didn't delay seeing a doctor, but I soon found that my worries were superfluous.

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after waiting for half an hour, the children around me began to attack my seat, crawling towards me from all directions, stepping on the stool and shaking their hands and feet in a strange manner. Their parents were chatting and eating bread on their own.

the feeling of being alone in the hospital suddenly turns into a sense of loneliness.

after a round of daydreaming, I waited alone for two hours.

the doctor always seems to be in a hurry. I dare not ask more than three questions at all, otherwise I feel like I will be kicked out immediately.

after paying the fee, I took the eyedrops and went to the treatment room, and I saw a wet chair at a glance. It is estimated that the experience of the last healer was not very good.

finally, after several instructions from the nurse, my trousers were still wet with normal saline, and the position was still a little awkward.

patients and their families went in and out one after another, and I stood in the small corner next to the doctor, waiting for her to find me.

an elderly couple came in.

it wasn't long before they came back, and it seemed that they could not find a treatment room and were not familiar with the medical procedure.

with that, she bowed her head and gently asked the child patient in front of her:


"not difficult."

the child's mother smiled and said, "Please. Then let's go first. Our parents will talk later. "

well, I must have a friend who works in the hospital in the future, because I suddenly feel whether I am in a hurry, whether I want to talk to you, and whether I can say a few more words of nonsense, no matter on what occasion, because of anything, in the face of any group, it's all established.

this is my experience of seeing a doctor all day. My eyes are fine. It is getting dark when I come out of the hospital. I, without a coat, trembled and bought a hot drink. While driving the car, I had a strong idea.