When we only believe in luck (koi), not ourselves.

When we only believe in luck (koi), not ourselves.
What I think of koi.

including Xiao Shengchu, the school is free of charge for 300 points, and she just got 301 points in the exam.

before the college entrance examination, she casually flipped through an ancient poem, which happened to be a question in the college entrance examination.

and then later, the family was divided into Xiongan New area.

in that article, there are "koi avatars" prepared by the author long ago, as well as the words "still wish in comments".

frankly, I am jealous.

I have always thought that the number of likes reflects the readers' approval of our content, so in addition to the amount of reading, I will be very concerned about the proportion of likes. In the past, it was messy and never led to like, but it may also be caused by vanity. In nearly a month's article, I will ask two questions at the end of the author's introduction:

"did you like it?"

so my jealousy is purely my villain's heart.

I asked myself to the article:

arrange the highlights of life and tell the reader: 'everything is very simple. Change your profile picture, shout a few slogans, and life will be smooth.'

of course, the idea just flashed through my head.

because once I agree, it means that I have denied all my efforts over the past four years.

in the past four years, I chose to do those "more difficult" things, not because I was asking for trouble.

difficult, it is an accessory to good work.


I was angry because she deliberately hid her efforts, ignored the risks she had taken, made it easy to say "success" and told everyone, "forward, you can, too."

every day, messy backstage can receive "misfortune" letters.

there are a lot of family changes, some breakups, and even some, just temporary boredom.

so as an official account operator, I know better than many people what is happening to our generation.

either way, it can crush a young man.

because we know that we are doing something that many people do not want to do:

this kind of "companionship", I have described many times:

We just sit on the edge of the basketball court, listen to you, and say nothing.

and the continuous increase in the number of readers and fans also proves from another point of view that there are actually a lot of people who are sad.

at a time like this, what do you want them to do when we tell people who are sad and working hard that "it's all luck"?

admit that efforts are useless?

so I never tell my readers that I'm just lucky.

this is called sharing.

remember, luck and effort are never symbiotic. In reality, they have always been nibbling away at each other, the role of luck into a point, the role of effort will be weaker.



I didn't feel the "big environment" before, but compared to the first year of starting a business, I obviously noticed that the word "grim" was written in the eyes of many people.

so not to mention making a lot of money, many people can't even make stability.

in this regard, I would like to say a few more words to messy readers:

at this moment, what we need to do is not even to make continuous progress, but to remain the same.

take a long-term view, don't worry, don't give up your efforts just because you haven't made progress, and don't judge yourself as "bad luck" just because of temporary setbacks.

good night,

author /Zhang Jingbi

ask two questions:

is the star /top of us?

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