When one thing is done for the fifth year.

When one thing is done for the fifth year.
"Don't choose the easiest, choose the hardest."

if you ask if there are any words you don't like, of course there are. After all, I've been stupid before.

in those articles, I do not add any pictures from the Internet, nor do I speculate on the thoughts and motives of the characters. I only discuss my views with the readers based on the facts. Although I do not read news, nor do I understand journalism, I also hope that through some unrealistic insistence, I can tell readers and some authors with articles: "if you talk about hot spots, you really don't have to shout and kill."

because people forward tweets for only one purpose, and that is to tell everyone around them: "what is expressed in this tweet is what I want to express."

what is most unforgettable is that at the end of last year, those official accounts became more and more intense, stirring up emotions every time by dismembering the bits and pieces of news and characters, with 100,000 articles and thousands of likes, and if compared with them, the clutter was almost as immovable as rubbing on the ground.

but as a result of the struggle, I decided to give up.

sometimes things are in the blink of an eye.

if you tell the story well enough, you can spread it.

if I had a better way of telling stories in front of me, I would definitely use it.

this is the original idea of messy change. We no longer care about the opinions of others or cling to self-righteous obsession. We only do the best stories.

I learned it from the game League of Legends.

so I only played the most OP hero that month, and finally got the only diamond segment.

as a result, clutter rose from an average of 70, 000 at the end of last year to an average of 131400.

finally, we no longer need to wait for the rescue of news and hot spots, what we need to do is to make more pure efforts, and keep moving towards the word "story", so that all problems can be solved in a real sense.

because in our lives, you can always find three options:

and the second option, which requires you to have enough judgment on the situation, and at the same time requires you to work hard before you can get more benefits. There is no doubt that it is correct, but this "correctness" is incomprehensible to many people.

so the choices we often have to make often occur in the first and second options.

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good night,

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