"when I am liked by 10,000 people on social software, he will like me."

"when I am liked by 10,000 people on social software, he will like me."
Both of them made outrageous mistakes because of a "dislike".

A person who wants so much "like" is probably because she likes someone who doesn't like her.

A Zhao went out with his younger brother twice in private. Once he went to the movies. He bought an excellent place for watching movies in the center of seven rows, and bought Coke popcorn. When he entered the stage with him, A Zhao thought : "he should like me, otherwise how else would he watch a movie with me alone."

A Zhao smiled and said : "otherwise."

anyone with discerning eyes knows that her younger brother doesn't like Ah Zhao at all, but she can always find evidence in her "getting along" to prove that she is still a little attracted.

the younger brother said, Sister, you are about to graduate, so we'd better not touch each other in a long-distance relationship.

there are many advantages that Zhao does not have, such as gentleness and thoughtfulness, and the younger brother has listed them as reasons for rejection.

so Ah Zhao has become what she is now, sharing with us what information she has captured every day, hoping to piece together a complete younger brother from these clues, and then try to make himself "bad" so that he is worthy of himself.

A Zhao said that when she was in graduate school, she almost went to the college where her younger brother lived. if she had been more thoughtful, she would have known her younger brother a year ago and was very likely to become his direct sister, with a special relationship.

well, it's not, but now she's the one who wants her younger brother to hold concerts every day.

A Zhao was still annoyed that she had considered her younger brother's undergraduate school when she applied for the college entrance examination, but she didn't go by mistake. If they had been more determined, they would have met four years ago, and the possibility would have been multiplied by four.

but Ah Zhao was still full of hope and said, "you see, he and I are still predestined. We are only so close."

I said, yeah, you're so close to being able to compare your heart. I folded her outstretched thumb on her index finger.

BFF's Wechat message quickly replied: "much better, better than you, better than you, simply rich and beautiful."

A Zhao said that the younger brother is handsome and can play the violin. I'm sure many people like him, but it's normal if they don't like me. as long as I can prove that I am liked by so many people, then it means that we are a match.

she said : "as long as ten thousand people like me, I will confess my love to my younger brother again."

she doesn't need 10, 000 likes on dating software to prove how likeable she is, nor does she need to look for her shortcomings against the standards of her ex-girlfriend.

knowing that love is not a geometry or proof problem, adding an auxiliary line or putting forward a hypothesis at the beginning can solve the problem. But you have to keep asking yourself questions, and then keep coming up with the same answer.

"if you don't like it, you don't like it."

A long time ago, I read and explained in an article by Liushen Leilei: why Zhang Wuji was always scolded as a scumbag of the century when he didn't do anything bad.

but emotionally,

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