What's worse than fair-weather friends is

What's worse than fair-weather friends is
I'm sorry. I used to be like this.

but my current predicament inspires me.

I rowed roughly and found something big to tell to my friends. I went to the hospital and broke my arm. I failed the grade exam by a few points, but then I was silent again.

my friend looked at me and asked the question in my mind as if he were a mind reader.

actually not.

I also conveyed these things to that girl, but it was refined into "the Great Wall is so steep that I don't want to go again", "there are so many people in Tiananmen Square that I can't see anything", and "Didi went back to the dormitory for more than 300."

when I just look at the chat transcripts, I don't think so, but compared with the photos, the weirdness is extremely obvious:


then I stayed up late one night and asked the girl if she had insomnia when I came to the song she shared, but her answer was unexpected.

most of the time she is already sleepy at night, but her best friend does not mean to stop chattering. She is embarrassed to say "going to bed", so she can only silently lock her phone and close her eyes, deliberately not to read the news.

beginning that day, she got into the habit of occasionally setting an alarm clock at three or four o'clock in the morning, opening her eyes and casually sharing an unpopular song from NetEyun's today's playlist to her moments, pretending that she didn't sleep so well. to maintain a delicate balance between them.

then happiness becomes shameful and needless to say, while unhappiness becomes a tool to avoid contradictions and earn benefits.

the thorn told me before that it was a pity that I finally had a second illness.

but we all forget that people are addicted to shortcuts. At first, they accidentally take a small road, but they feel rare and strange, but they don't want to take the main road after walking once. Not only that, in the relationship, this kind of slackness can also infect each other.

after the exam yesterday, I made an appointment to have dinner with a friend I haven't seen for a long time. When I walked out of the classroom, I was in a bad mood and habitually typed the words "Oh, not so good" in the chat box.

should we hold each other's heads and talk about how hard it has been lately, or what has happened recently? I don't want her to shut up because of the dreary atmosphere when there are a lot of things she wants to share with me.

because suffering is also a part of my feelings, but that's not all. I still have the expectation of meeting and chatting, and the exam is over easily. I can't ignore them.

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maybe most of the time we forget that what we need is not the proof that the other person is more bitter than ourselves, but the opportunity to create happiness together.

recently there is something that makes me feel very happy.

I asked when it was, and she recalled that it was almost all happy moments, when the boss invited her to have tea in the afternoon, when the team-building team played games every week, and when we made an appointment to have midnight snacks in the evening.

author /Lu Yifei

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