What's the experience of having a boyfriend that people hate and love?

What's the experience of having a boyfriend that people hate and love?
Disclaimer: the recommended copy provided by the other party is sometimes unpalatable for the messy development. thank you for your tolerance.

Thank you for your tolerance. Good night

I wonder why she got into this and asked her what happened.

B borrowed his cell phone from A. after returning it, A suddenly found a spider on his phone.

boyfriend B is still laughing, angry A gives B a small pink punch fat beating.

strangely, B then took off the spider and gave An another rabbit.

you must wonder how you did it? She told me that she saw it in "Xiao Xi makes things" .

I specifically asked Xiao Xi how to do it. She said that she could do it by replying to "504" in her official account.

when April Fool's Day is coming, you can tease your best friend or boyfriend, ha.

teaches you to remove iqiyi's opening ads

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send voice

in moments

and ask if you are good? However, these are some of her small skills. Her big skills are craftsman , Wen Neng arranges flowers and raises succulent plants, and Wuneng transformed her bedroom into an Internet celebrity. all want to marry such girls home as wives.

less than the money of a Xiaomi mobile phone,

Xiao Xi teaches you how to kill straight men.

the bedroom is changed to this way, so that all the men want to sleep with you

as long as they put their heart into it, they can also become their own small world.

who says flowers can only be kept in vases?

can also make literary and artistic flower arrangement.

who says flowers can only be placed in vases? This is a beautiful way to turn over the moments!

Don't be sad. Xiao Xi teaches you to get rid of the spell of succulent nemesis.

A piece of practical information teaches you to become a succulent person! In winter, you should also be green

Xiaoxi teaches you to insert a bottle of flowers that bring you good luck and fresh and refined.

others are brushing the net red lampshade,

straight men are not romantic, but hope their partner knows romance.

create a warm bedroom, you still need it!

the mobile phone case you want is not available on the market.

this thing, it is better to buy it online than to do it yourself!