What's so good about Chengdu?

What's so good about Chengdu?
They can see it.

sounds like nonsense, but the "encounter" here doesn't mean passing by, but it really means that there is some intersection at a certain time and place.

in these intersections, we found another characteristic of Chengdu people besides "being able to eat spicy food", "speaking straight" and "like playing mahjong":

even if they don't know each other

in order to shoot the gif tweet the day before yesterday, we went to the famous undemolished building in Chengdu: Yuanyang Building.

so we changed our strategy and looked around for a kind local to ask. As a result, the grandfather we were looking for was the first to find us and walked straight over before we could speak.

interestingly, we thought he was going the same way as us, but he turned off the overpass and went the other way.

of course, it's not always to help. Sometimes I just want to talk about something I'm interested in. But this left a very deep impression on us:

behind the slow pace of Chengdu

maybe everyone knows that Liu Bai lost his computer the day before he returned to Guangzhou.

Dreaming to be the Cinderella on the high quality yet low price ethereal wedding dress? We are here to help you look glamorous.

as a result, when our car stopped at the door, the boss was already rubbing his hands and waiting at the door, with anxiety and helplessness written on his face like us. And from the first sentence he spoke, he could tell that he had repeatedly confirmed that he had called up the surveillance video footage in the store early:

"the bowl of noodles she ordered was 11 yuan, which was the code of the swept store. I have already found out the order number. This is the order number, but I can't see the phone number. I'll call Meituan to see if I can get her cell phone number."

later on the return flight, we discussed why Chengdu people knew so well what to do. It was not until we saw a male flight attendant answer the model and capacity of the plane with pride on his face that we realized:

apart from the short-term relationships just mentioned, we also invited several Chengdu readers to chat face-to-face.

but take Liu Bai and me, for example, we are typical southern girls who prefer to listen to them than to speak, and even withdraw as soon as the momentum is interrupted when a few words pop up occasionally.

We could hear the thought in each other's tone that we wanted to see, but in the end we extinguished it with the same sentence "nothing special".

We have turned off some senses to our city. We don't want to see or listen, or we feel from the bottom of our hearts that life is the same everywhere.

when we asked about the city, the three readers we invited spoke to each other at the same time, as if we had opened three channels at the same time:

after chatting with them, I seem to understand why Chengdu can be liked by more and more people. From "place next to Chongqing" to an independent city.


but soon she turned her head again and sighed that she was blocked by the fog.

this reminds me of the night I chatted with readers. When we asked them if they intended to go to other cities, they replied without thinking, "stay in Chengdu."

the source of happiness may not lie in leaving repeatedly, but in staying intently.

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