What you want, don't ask if it's worth it.

What you want, don't ask if it's worth it.
Because this is the life we choose.

the first time I saw this sentence was in a dazed afternoon sitting in a coffee shop.

arrange everyone's work before leaving the night before, then go into the coffee shop with hands the next day, order a latte and fruit salad, and sit from 10:30 to 04:30 in the afternoon.

my colleagues have long been familiar with my inexplicable way of working, so they will not come to me easily when I am not in the office.

the sense of powerlessness comes from a blank screen.

I don't like being seen by the team, so I choose to run away every time.

but that afternoon, I almost surrendered completely.

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I even began to ask myself, "is it worth torturing yourself like an eagle?"

it didn't save me from drowning, but told me, who was faking cramps, "the water is not that deep. You can stand up by straightening your feet."

on the last day, I wrote a comic script with 300000 readings.

I replied, "because we often get caught up in the 'whether it's worth it' thinking, what we should ask is whether we want it or not. As long as the answer is yes, then continue to finish it, there is no other reason. "

so I decided to explain this sentence to you.

Don't ask if it's worth it.

is as simple as an inspirational quote that can be casually uttered.

"worth it?"

these are two questions we don't ask ourselves often, not because they are unimportant, but because they are rooted in our instincts.

if we try our best, we may win the final championship, so even if we have a 50% chance of failure, we will continue to lift our legs before we cramp.

but people are so strange. The pain in the calf during a long run is too obvious, or the waiting time before the interview is too long, or just a complaint from your partner about life will make you forget that you have ever answered this question.

all that's left is to move on, that's all.

she looked up at me with tears in her eyes. I didn't turn around, picked up the drink and drank it. After a while, I replied to her, "I don't know, and it's impossible to know. You have to think for yourself."

she said, "I don't want to go home."

Don't ask if it's worth it, because you've already answered this question.


We all came to where we are because we want to.

I've seen too many scenarios that go from "want" to "don't want":

and the biggest problem caused by disappointment is not frustration, but decline.

continue to work on advertising, but all the ideas come from foreign design websites; continue to write manuscripts, but the articles are full of the shadow of other authors, and there are other descriptions in the industry, called "washing manuscripts".

A person's decline can also be helpless.

it seems that life is moving on, and nothing can make it difficult for you, but you have to watch yourself be eroded bit by bit.

if you want it, you will accumulate strength.

if you want it, you can get it.


in fact, not only are you sorry, but I am also sorry.

it may be the admission result of graduate student, the interview notice, the quarterly evaluation of the job, or even the medical examination report of the family.

some of them will make us stronger, and some of them will be the last straw to break us.

good night.

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