What you want, do your best.

What you want, do your best.
Even desperately.

October 23, 17, less than an hour before my birthday.

in a period of confusion, I live step by step and have no interest in the so-called future.

my friend asked me about my future plans, and I smiled and said, "see walking steps", probably because people in the fog can't see the way ahead.

but there is a sentence written inside, which I still remember:

even now, this sentence has some meaning of "chicken soup" in it.

naturally, adding clutter has become my first goal.

unlike them, so far, I am probably the only one who actively "delivers" to the door.

metaphorically, you are going to see your girlfriend's parents, but you don't know that your aunt is allergic to pollen and that your uncle doesn't like to flip fish when eating fish.

the ending minute is that she is a current girlfriend before a meal and may be an ex-girlfriend after a meal.

are all self-media teams, with different themes such as movies, constellations, cars and fashion. Including the topic of the article, copywriting style, graphic design and so on.

as we all know, the prerequisite for applying for a position is a job advertisement issued by the company, or an internal recommendation.

this means that you can't follow the normal application process if you want to join the clutter. Besides, I don't know anyone on the team at all.

give up?

No, it's not time for all options to be exhausted. strong>

I really found two things: business Wechat and thorn's mailbox.

so I did two things:

this is a high probability thing, as long as it is recommended, I can basically contact him.

this is a small probability, too many messages in the mailbox are not seen, thrown into the dustbin by the system, do not log on to the mailbox for a long time, and so on.

things with high probability are rejected for very reasonable reasons. WeChat accounts involving personal privacy cannot be recommended at will.

there is a response to the low probability email: the thorn attached his Wechat to me.

1, no small probability of giving up.

under the subjective projection, we often increase the difficulty of things several times in our imagination: we are often frightened by our imagination and dare not act.

3. Email preparation is adequate, and some analyses are affirmed.

all these reflect not only the effort of time and energy, but also part of the ability.

while going through hurdles or tests, some subjective and objective conditions such as professional level and knowledge are involved.

then, when you stand in front of what you want, you will always find that something is unexpected.


I added Brier Wechat and started some good conversations.

he said, I'm in Dongguan now. When I'm free, I can talk offline when I come to Guangzhou.

most people will most likely say: Yes, we'll make an appointment then.

Wechat was added and chatted, and the other person even offered that we could make an appointment to meet offline. Compared with the previous situation, it has been an unexpected harvest.

the same situation occurs when both of us finalize the intention to cooperate. At that time, I was living and working in Guangzhou, while the whole messy team was still in Dongguan.

so I went to Dongguan with my rented house in Guangzhou, renting a youth hostel while working with the team.

looking back, I asked myself what it would be like to be in that situation again.

after all, life is never "ready".

some readers in WeChat moments ask how I look back on the things I interviewed at that time.

people who want to lose weight have all kinds of midnight snacks, dislike the cold in winter and the sun in summer. For those who cry for change, the king eats chicken online all the time, and there are many online ensembles.

there was such a question under a tweet.

if only one of the people reading the article at the moment is slightly inspired, then it all has meaning.

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the darker the night is, the longer it is, and the whiter the starlight is, the brighter it is.


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