What on earth was my boyfriend doing when I was in the shower?

What on earth was my boyfriend doing when I was in the shower?
Learn to ask questions.

I have always felt that asking questions is a very important skill. Students with poor grades in the class usually don't raise their hands in class. This logic is still true in love, because the friends around me who are always lovelorn often don't like to ask questions.

what on earth is my boyfriend doing when I take a shower?

at a sister tea party, someone asked such a question: "what are your boyfriends doing when you take a shower?"

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I know he likes playing games, otherwise he wouldn't have spent thousands of yuan on steam, even Wechat is a game group, and even found a game-related job.

until later, when I asked him, he told me that because I was an intern in other places, I could only spend three days a week with him, so he cherished his time with me and stopped playing games in order to spend more time with me.

after hearing this, I have a sore nose, because I know better than anyone how much he loves games, so it is not easy for him to do this for me.

but if you don't know the other person well enough, you'll never know how important what he gave up for you really is to him.

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after several quarrels, I forced myself to remember to put my shoes in order to cooperate with her.

I thought she didn't care so much about it, but when guests came to the house, my girlfriend would still ask them to take off their shoes and put them away first.

I asked her why she didn't care about me, but she just sighed: "who told you to be my boyfriend?"

because it is not the behavior itself that is good to a person, but whether he or she can be an exception.

Why is my girlfriend only forbidding me to smoke?

girlfriend is nice to everyone except me.

she never had a problem with other male friends smoking in front of her, but as soon as I reached into my trouser pocket, she began to stare at me.

I once thought that my girlfriend was prejudiced against me.

one of them is: people who have had gastritis should not drink or smoke.

this memo also records a lot of things that she only asked me to do, and I had to take on so many tasks only because she only expected of me.

whenever I ask myself, "Why is my girlfriend the only one who won't let me smoke?" I can slowly think of that answer: there are many kinds of care in a relationship, giving you a privilege and giving you an exclusive punishment.


when my wife brings the dishes out of the kitchen, the camera will give them a close-up and you can see that each dish is spicy.

this move alone does not move people, but the power of Japanese TV dramas is that things are often not that simple. When I saw the back, I found that actually every time my wife and friends went out to eat ramen noodles, they would say to the store manager, "No spicy, thank you."

but if the husband doesn't ask himself, "does she eat spicy when she eats out?" He will never know how deep his wife's feelings for him are.

Don't underestimate the action of "asking questions". It is not only the first step to get to know each other, but also the last step to end the "too self".

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