What kind of brother do the girls want?

What kind of brother do the girls want?

I have a lot of sisters around me. Whenever I talk about my younger brother, I always tickle my teeth.

playing the machine is the most energetic, and working becomes silly for a second.

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I patted my little heart. It was terrible, terrible. how does it feel to have such a brother?

after all, my brother is not only good-looking, but also sweet.

what's the experience of having a good-looking and sweet brother?

my sister did something wrong and didn't set a good example. You should be scolded.

Let's do something wrong, the small ones are not sensible, and the big ones are not sensible either. Scold.

Oh, my God! It's my sister who didn't teach me well!

when I was a child, I was occasionally pointed at the forehead by my elders and taught: "you can't do this, you'll teach your younger brother bad."

because of this concept of elders, younger brothers, who are already naughty, tend to be more fearless.

I stared at him, and before the ferocious "what" was said, he had crept over.

he looked up at me again. "Sorry to get you told, it's not your fault."

HM? What was I doing?

what? Okay? Of course!

the younger brother who helps me with my backpack

after the other sisters are on holiday, there are best friend photos and online celebrity shops on their mobile phones.

the other brothers dodged the camera and took a ton of black photos.

A thoughtful brother must know that a girl's selfie is one in a hundred.

Girls also often face the difficult problem of the century in which there is always an ugly person in the group photo.

A few years ago, when I was still single, I posted a picture of my brother on my moments. New friends would think they were boyfriends and cast envious eyes one after another. After all, good-looking and obedient boyfriends are rare.

how can there be a brother who is good-looking and obedient and takes selfies with him? Lack of sister-in-law?

my brother and I.

away from home, a good-looking and sweet brother is simply a substitute for a boyfriend.

We haven't seen each other for half a year since we took the high-speed train home with my brother.

I stood waiting for him so bored that I teased him: "invite me to drink yogurt and I will forgive you."

then he said, "I'll buy it for you when I come over."

the second thing is to take over my sunshade.