What I hate most is that there is nothing I can do about you.

What I hate most is that there is nothing I can do about you.
Is it raining there.

that day we talked until two o'clock in the evening

because she was also a messy reader

after being admitted to the university, the original group of students scattered excitedly and became irregular dots on the map.

but fortunately, when you look at your watch, you can basically see Beijing time. But life is so strange, the girl I like (she also likes me) happens to be farthest away from me, as far away as a time zone. When she sent a message on Wechat in the fourth class that morning, I saw it immediately.

I didn't reply immediately. I stared at these four words for a long time, until the meridian bones of each word were separated and became strange and strange.

at that time, I was very proud to be asked to ask for leave. You know, you are the only one in the class who knows the reason why she did not come. So many people, she only asked you to ask for leave for her, which means that your relationship is the best.

and this time, I don't have to ask for leave, buy her medicine, or do anything, not because we don't have a good relationship, but because I can't do anything. I can only watch another line of words appear on the screen.

these are the few moments when I really feel powerless.

what makes people feel powerless is not exactly the distance, but the sense of distance brought about by the limited ability.

so every time like this, I feel like the distance between two people suddenly widens.

in the past, I used to write jokes about the expectation of one party in exchange for disappointment. They were separated from each other in a tacit understanding. It sounded like they were sensible and sensible, but I always felt that there was something wrong with them.

after all, distance is frightening.


this process is like negotiating with God.

the price can be different for everyone, as long as it's something you care about.

I really want to help you.

because no matter how realistic the imagination is, it is not as helpful as the real help.

after entering different universities, there are more and more things that can't help.

sometimes she doesn't want to tell me, sometimes it's because she's afraid she can't help, so she doesn't ask at all, as if nothing happened.

but evasion can never solve the problem. You have to put the problem in front of your eyes to be sure whether you can solve it or not.

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"apart from saying'it doesn't matter'to him on the phone, all I can do is to give him a chance to be quiet. It looks sweet, but in fact it's just a helpless choice. "

the girl friend said, "Yes, I don't know if he has an umbrella."

after thinking about it, I deleted it.

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