We're looking for a partner.

We're looking for a partner.
I hope you're professional enough, because I'm not kidding.

I still remember that at this time last year, in order to finish the third season of billions, I risked not getting up early to go to work the next day until 4: 00 in the morning.

I say this sentence because I have evolved because of hundreds of millions, but this "evolution" is not that I know more about finance because of this TV show, but because of this TV series. Finally understand what "adults in the workplace" in the Naifei Culture Handbook is all about:

adults in the workplace are responsible for their actions. So it doesn't matter whether the company asks for 996 or not. Because real adults should know what kind of work effect they want to achieve, and they should also know what efforts they have to make in order to achieve that goal. So 996007 is not important, the important thing is that they can achieve win-win situation with the company through their own efforts.

Adults in the workplace, they can always approach the results they want in a logical and orderly manner, and they must occasionally be manipulated by emotions, but reflection and correction will make this situation less and less.

of course, the American TV series "billions" has never focused on the workplace, but I care more about it. A similar "experience" happened when I watched Silicon Valley.

as the disorganized public platform enters its fifth year, and as the company prepares for its third year, I become more and more aware of what kind of colleagues I need:

of course, I still need 1 or 2 cases to illustrate each of the above words, but because of the space, I can only explain them to those who can meet me face to face.

because I'm going to hire again.

these official accounts that have not appeared yet have the following characteristics:

2. Has its own unique style.

Star white graduation dresses low All our available fashions are pocket-friendly.

4. Take "do a good job of content" as the core value.

1. Not chasing hot spots means not chasing hot spots. What others discuss has nothing to do with what we are going to discuss. Of course, if you are really involved in the discussion, I will not stop you.

3. To cash in business when we see fit, our company now has enough business resources, so as long as you do well enough, you don't have to be afraid of not being able to take on all kinds of responsibilities in your life.

if you think you agree with what I said, and at the same time you meet my requirements for "colleagues", please join us, because what we can provide is what most companies will not provide:

3. We will assist you in setting up your creative team (recruitment and training).

5. You do your most professional things, direction and positioning to us to help you finish.

2. All your work.


2. This recruitment is only for fresh graduates and those who have already graduated.

4. In June, I will go to Beijing to set up a content department. If you are interested, you can also send my resume and works to my email.

7. Please send me the resume, responsible for themselves, but also responsible for the person who reads the resume, do not send compressed packages, can be accompanied by links to works, do not give me a long speech just tell me "Please give me a chance", not "I will work hard". All you have to do is tell me how good you are.

finally say a few words:

so this time, it's not important to work hard, it's important to be good.