"well, let's go over it."

"well, let's go over it."
Pay tribute to Mr. Wong Kar-wai.

"to me, movies are always about light, shadow and sound, and music is a part of sound."

the film music that Wong Kar-wai understands is not called film soundtrack, because music is not subordinate to the part of the film, but as another form of expression of the film.

so when you hear an episode of a Wong Kar-wai movie, you will naturally make up the scene, plot, and even the actor's demeanor of that movie.

this is where Wong Kar-wai is good.

(translated from the original Cantonese lines " is not as good as us ")

"Let's do it all over again" series is inspired by the film "Spring sudden release" directed by Wong Kar-wai. We extract the retro Hong Kong style as the design element, and adopt the method of customized characters in the design of Chinese fonts. Did not change the frame of the word itself, just slightly adjusted some of the details The English Happy together uses the "chisel word" that often appears in Hong Kong and Macao signboards.

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/disorganized CL18SS "Let's start over" series double thread pocket printing TEE, blue-white /

* A design with exposed edges is adopted at the collar, hoping to increase the recognition and matching of the whole piece of clothing through this detail change.

* ready-made clothes have been washed and processed with a soft feel.

* imported pc hard shell is adopted, so the frosted material has a better sense of grip and effectively reduces the probability of mobile phone slipping.