We did another stupid thing.

We did another stupid thing.

for example, in order to find the fabric suitable for working dress, our whole warm Men's Department spent three days, crowded in the cloth market with 4000 stalls, just to choose a suitable fabric.

of course, tiredness is on the one hand, on the other hand, we feel very gratified that some seemingly unremarkable changes can really be recognized by everyone.

at that time, the whole team was having a headache about the new clothes, because when they started making clothes, there would be all kinds of comments:

some people would say that we are just better in graphic design;

to be honest, it's true that it's not good enough, but it's also true that it's serious.

"other people's opinions always exist, and doing what we should do well may be what we are going to do now."

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being quiet doesn't mean running away.

it is difficult for us to do it well, and at the same time, it is something that has to be done.

later, we raised the R & D cost of the "I am troublesome" series. For example, we replaced 210g of pure cotton fabric with imported heavyweight American cotton, which weighed as high as 270g, coupled with the three-dimensional profile of oversize, which increased the cost of the "I am troublesome" series by a full 40% compared with the same type of clothes in other stores.

1. Because 270g of imported American cotton is used, it can calmly cope with this hot and cold season.

then there is pricing, this time the price is 99 yuan.

it's much more than 99 yuan, but we think it may be your first disorganized dress, or even your first try on this oversize style.

We are honored that the intersection of this "first time" is related to chaos.

here are some "troublesome" buyer shows.

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