We Cantonese.

We Cantonese.
I want to eat shrimp dumpling.


"can I climb Baiyun Mountain?"

"well, I haven't been there."

We fell into a tacit silence.

before she said, "Hey, you're nothing like the Cantonese in my head."

@ Jiaxin Guangzhou

@ Jiahao Foshan

I always thought that washing dishes before meals is a habit for everyone.

until I met my classmates from all over the world in college, I found that washing dishes and chopsticks was a "pre-meal activity" exclusively for Cantonese people.

and the tea with low temperature will make this pre-meal activity lose its soul, so the water must be enough to "roll".

this warm-up exercise before meals will greatly increase our appetite and even create the proper term "lang bowl" for it.

some friends will find this action a little troublesome, but I don't think so.

although hot bowls are ironed with hot water, they can't be completely disinfected. Dad often says, "big bacteria eat bacteria, bacteria are treasures."

but in the eyes of Cantonese, it can at least get rid of dust and make you feel a little more at ease.

by the way, remember to order green vegetables when eating, especially when eating with elders.

not bean sprouts, eggplant or carrots, must be green vegetables.

even if the table is full of chicken, shrimp, fish and crabs, we will feel that the meal is "out of life" without a green vegetable.

begins with "lang bowl" and ends with "green vegetables". This is the embodiment of the complete soul of the Cantonese.

when you go home, you will have time to drink old hot soup.

friends from other provinces have always wondered why Cantonese love soup so much.

to be honest, I don't understand either, and I'm not interested in soup all the time.

probably the shadow left by being coerced by my mother to drink bowls of soup with strange names when I was a child.

or when I was a child, my mother refused to eat soup, but she longed for it when she came out to work.

although some experts say that our old hot soup is not nutritious, it doesn't matter. At least it tastes better than plain boiled water and can replenish water. It is a must for Guangdong people in summer.

carrot and corn chops soup, five fingers peach pig bone soup, coconut stewed black chicken soup, all kinds of.

when I was a child, I cared about what soup I drank and whether I liked it or not;

when I heard the native dialect, I felt cordial.

I think there has always been a misunderstanding about Cantonese.

although it refers to Cantonese in a narrow sense, it includes Chaoshan dialect, Hakka dialect and other languages in a broad sense.

Meizhou, where I live, is a part of Guangdong. Its daily use is Hakka and Putonghua. I can hear but not speak Cantonese.

sometimes my friends around me will be surprised to know that I can't speak Cantonese. As a matter of fact, Guangdong is so big that not every place can speak Cantonese, and its living habits are different.

just like friends in the Pearl River Delta basically only watch Cantonese channels, we still watch some programs on CCTV.

after living in a big city for a long time, sometimes I go to find some pickled noodle restaurants. It doesn't matter whether the pickled noodles are delicious or not.

I just want to hear whether the syllables of "falling into the water" or "suffering" will come out of the mouth of the shopkeeper or clerk.

if I could hear it, I would have enjoyed the meal more.

@ Zechun Chaoshan people

and Chaoshan people's fastidious degree of food is in the forefront of Guangdong people.

Beef hot pot, pork foot rice, Chaoshan rice noodle roll, stewed lion goose, soybean milk, and countless delicacies have been brought out and carried forward in different cities.

maybe it's a matter of taste. I seldom eat Cantonese-style rice noodle roll. I always feel that this "thin and smooth" is not my style.

so whenever I have a rest day, I find the smell of my hometown all over the streets.

only rice noodle roll, full of shrimp, beef and green vegetable oysters with sticky juice, is the taste I yearn for.

it would be even more perfect to have a bowl of taro-round soybean milk next to rice noodle roll in the Grand Slam.

I'm not in my hometown, but I'm eating the authentic rice noodle roll and listening to the occasional local accent of passers-by.

for the broad and deep drift, we can be regarded as having some roots for the time being, and it also adds a little bit of courage to stay in the big city.

when you drink morning tea and eat a lot.

to tell you the truth, I was a little scared before I came to study in Guangzhou.

one is afraid of being eaten, and the other is afraid of eating strange things.

Steamed BBQ Pork Bun glutinous rice, chicken boat porridge, wonton noodle, wrasse powder, Stir-Fried Rice Noodles with Beef boiled rice, dried goose, steamed roast, sold chicken cakes, sugar, Shantou beef balls, barbecued pigeon horseshoe cakes, all are very good.

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in the process of eating, I seem to resonate with the soul of Cantonese.

also suddenly understood: why they will not eat Fujian people.

so, how can we distinguish between Cantonese with different lives?

in the process of eating, I seem to resonate with the soul of Cantonese.

also suddenly understood: why they will not eat Fujian people.

so, how can we distinguish between Cantonese with different lives?

the name is "Jiaxin", "Jiayi", "Jiahao", "Jiawei" or "Jiawei". To a large extent, they are also Cantonese.

II, RAP duet.

first of all, you have to sing the beginning of this Rap song that has been popular in Guangdong for more than a decade:

having a baby is not necessarily a blessing. If you want to marry a new hug, you have to split up.

if the other party can pick up the back immediately and say exactly which series the Rap comes from, there is no doubt that the Cantonese.

III. Eat ice cream.

because it is a brand of Guangdong people from snacks to big food, it will have the kindness and trust of old friends.

recently, it also joined hands with Guangdong provincial non-heritage, Su Yingmin, the revival of Xiguan copper culture, to make a unique copper crispy canister of Wuyang ice cream.

it can be said that Guangdong taste is something new.

this makes me feel that the best attitude towards regional tags is to treat them all as obstacles.

this makes me feel that the best attitude towards regional tags is to treat them all as obstacles.