We are looking for a female reader.

We are looking for a female reader.
Thank you for making us who we are.

when a group of us walked to the lecture venue after dinner, a girl came over. I didn't really see her clearly, and she probably didn't know who I was, so she bypassed me.

Chen Lian replied, "Yes."

Chen Lian was a little confused, but he could guess that the other party was our reader. "well, you're welcome," he said. "

"chaos stayed with me for a long time when I was most sad." seeing that we didn't know how to react, she continued, "so I just wanted to say thank you."

Chen Lian, a man who can't speak, unexpectedly said to others, "well, you're welcome."

Chen Lian said, "never mind, we will meet again next time." Thank you. "

"Thank you for letting chaos accompany you through such a sad time."

I tried to pass the tissue, but I felt in my pocket and found there was nothing in it.

but miss is miss, we don't know her name, even her appearance is blurred now.

I remember this reader because today is the fourth anniversary of chaos.

I remember a year ago today, it was a rainy day.

so we wrote an article "Don't tell me" on the 18th, which said:

but it's only a year, and the idea of "getting worse" with you has long been left behind. It is not because our days are getting better, so we need to draw a line between "bad" and "bad", but because we feel that we have something to offer our readers besides company.

there is Line 3, comments on hot issues, more in-depth character drafts, and even we will write about the meaning of milk tea, trying to understand what young people are thinking, or even, what young people care about through our perspective.

this is the first time that messy visual presentation has been recognized by the official exhibition.

Dress in the stylish casual beach wedding dresses and bring out your body figure clearly. Enter this catalog and choose the fittest clothes.

A lot of people ask me why I want to do the periphery of clothing.

of course, we certainly haven't fully presented the way of life in our minds right now, but please wait a minute, we will turn the imagined "disorganized" into real things through one product after another, so that you can really feel it.

every decision is a choice.

so I admit that we have become more greedy. But this "greed" is not derogatory, we just hope that in the limited time, we can do more things we like.

now we have become more positive because we have found that "doing one thing seriously" can change our lives.

remember that text tweet the other day, I said we prepared an event on the evening of May 20th.

activity content:

the sigh base comes from the sea of eel whales. The original purpose of its existence is to provide readers with a place to sigh and express their feelings. Now it will be moved from online to offline for the first time.

1 Jing sentences come from Zhang Jingzhi, the disorganized editor-in-chief. Since childhood, he had a dream that he could sit at a roadside stall and write poems for everyone. Taking advantage of the opportunity of the fourth anniversary, he would set up a stall at the scene to write a poem for his friends present.

l sign-in link: a signature wall is placed at the door to provide friends with photos and signatures

l lottery link: the scene will be set up, and the winners will receive not only disorganized products, but also special gifts carefully prepared by them.

ticket price: 99 yuan /a total of 299

address: MAO Livehouse

join us

sometimes life is so wonderful. You never know what kind of impact you will have on the other person if you say that sentence or write that article. Because it was the girl who said "Thank you", let's decide to hold such an event late at night to meet more readers.

Thank you, and thank you.