We agreed that we would never break up at each other's lows.

We agreed that we would never break up at each other's lows.
Now is not the time.

A week ago, my friend told me that he was going to resign and break up with the company.

and people like him who are early but not late must have found a next job. They may have rented a room near the new company, found out the subway line, and all they need is a letter of resignation.

when I went to ask, he seemed to be very busy and replied more slowly than usual, and the content of the reply made me very confused.

"Let's not quit."

for some time in his junior year, he was poorer than ever. All my savings disappeared during the overseas trip with my roommate, and even the Yu'e Bao at the bottom of the box was spent clean.

it's not that he doesn't know how to make money, it's just that he wants to find a job that is effortless and profitable, unlike KFC cashiers and roadside flyers.

one night a few days later, he opened word, which he had never opened except writing a paper, and wrote the most words about an e-sports game that ended in the afternoon. His favorite player was defeated and mercilessly ridiculed by netizens, and he felt it was his responsibility to correct his name.

but it is conceivable that he wrote poorly for a long time.

come on, we are destined for each other.

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although the seats are a bit crowded, everyone seems warm and close together. He, who has no work experience before, feels that this is his dream working environment.

when it comes to side effects, it's probably that he doesn't have so much time to play games. It was only when the editor occasionally asked him to gang up on weekends that he unleashed his nature to play two games and wondered if he could turn these two games into a topic. "Today's young people, games don't dare to play in vain," the words plunged into his head.

in the dormitory after 12:00, there was a succession of keystrokes. Roommates got the internship salary and were no longer jealous of him, but he was sometimes typing, but his mind was wandering, and he was about to graduate. Do you really like writing? love to live with this.

I graduated in a flash.

but the so-called standard office workers have to face more than rigid working hours.

all this is just because other people earn tens of thousands of yuan a month in the first month of graduation, but he is better off, and he can't make ends meet in the first month.

he didn't reply, and that night he deliberately ignored the editor's request for a draft and typed the words "resignation letter template" into Baidu's search box.

the startup system is not mature. He has been here for almost two years, but his improvement is still minimal, and even the chances of promotion are slim, which means that wages can be raised only by writing articles, but they depend on opportunities. His writing is not so good, and opportunities are particularly important.

the conclusion of the comparison is that "I intend to resign".

when they saw him coming, they waved to him and hurriedly pulled him to a nearby computer chair to continue the conversation. After missing the beginning, it took him a while to understand what they were saying, and he summed up what he had heard into a sentence, "so there are four fewer people in our company?"

after saying this, everyone dispersed as they moved their chairs. Probably his summary made them realize that without four people, their burden would automatically increase, and they would have to work harder.

the editor-in-chief has said more than once that writing an outline helps to sort things out, and he always likes to scribble, and this time for some reason, he thinks he should start doing it.

he smiled bitterly. In fact, fate didn't work for real people a long time ago. what works now is a sense of responsibility. It keeps beating his determination and does not allow him to leave in the most difficult time of the company. if he leaves at this time, it will be himself who will feel sorry the most.

this is the reply he gave to the editor that day, but he didn't say the second half of the sentence, "until the company gets better."

I have always liked the kind of people who are quick and clean and seem to have no ties, so when I learned that my friend had given up the idea of quitting, my first feeling was, ah, he didn't mean what he said.

A long time ago, I saw a Japanese drama called & lt; 's most perfect divorce & gt;, Guangsheng and Xiaxia married for almost two years. I wanted to divorce countless times, but each time I was delayed by all kinds of things. Finally, I filed for divorce and moved out at the end of the summer.

you see, it's actually very difficult to separate.

it may not be a bad thing to be inseparable for the time being, or not to let go.

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