Trying to hide.

Trying to hide.
They couldn't say any more words of encouragement.

when brushing the sound, I saw them generously begging for refueling, not to mention the relatives and friends around them, and even the strangers on the Internet couldn't wait to share their experiences, appease their emotions and cheer them on.

as college graduates, we are facing the same difficult parting, pressure and turning point.

these emotions and twists, we have to soothe and adapt ourselves.

I felt dazed and sad for the first time on the subway. used to do the same thing himself, but it was replaced in the twinkling of an eye.

now it's my turn to receive my sister's invitation as an "old guy".

this kind of sadness is actually somewhat selfish.

after returning to school, I attended the celebration of the dance team as a spectator and sat in the front seat arranged by the younger brothers and sisters in the team.

Whatever your style and taste, one of our gorgeous middle school prom dresses will be just what you need. Whatever your taste, we have just what you need.

looking back, I found that my friend sitting next to me was quietly wiping away her tears. I touched her shoulder and asked her what was wrong.

during the last days of school, there will be a constant sense of "lost" and "replaced".

A basketball court that smells like plastic in the sun;

Phoenix flowers blooming in May and June;

all these will not belong to you soon.

△ stage has posted large and small station signs. In the past, my sister always stood under the stage, repeatedly reminding us, "look under your feet!" Form a little more orderly! "

at school, when you have enough to eat, it only costs $4.70.

at the beginning of my internship, in order to save money, I would go to the bakery after work, take a glance at the price, and choose a bread that looks good and the second cheapest bread for dinner.

I remember when I was in the dorm, and there were times when I didn't eat in order to save money.

she is very nutritionally balanced in her cooking, and a simple meal will be accompanied by whole grains, meat, vegetables and the consequences of the meal. She would take her own ceramic dishes, set them carefully, and put them on my table with a tissue.

when we went back to school this time, everyone said with emotion, only to find that everyone in the company was doing what he or she was doing, and no one had time to take care of others. The best friendship is to do your own work and not to drag others down.

she doesn't cook anymore.

she responded to me with a smile: "now, my roommate is fine, too. She was worried about me when she had a fever last time."

for a moment I felt inexplicably jealous, but soon I felt relieved that she had met a good roommate.

when △ had dinner together, she said, "I have one meal left, all in the shape of loving you." I miss those leftovers with love.

the last time I left school, I thought I would go back again. What I wanted to do, the people I wanted to see still had a chance, at least for several months with the title of "senior".

We all do a lot of things with the "last" mentality.

meet people who have deep or shallow acquaintances for the last time;

take a big picture with roommates for the last time and blow the fan on the iron bed.

originally thought that the roommates could get together neatly for the last time the night before leaving. As a result, a roommate booked the wrong ticket and had to leave that night.

after the first roommate left, everyone immediately decided to leave the next day.

people who cry easily, you'd better leave early.