Top students who can't fall in love.

Top students who can't fall in love.
My friend transferred me a youth dating program called "Please fall in love with me like this".

one person, one row of tables and chairs, arranged very reasonably, but a girl broke the balance. She ran over, put her mouth close to my ear and whispered, "your Chinese 98, oh, the highest score, really impressive."

as a model in the third year of senior high school, I played so well that I got the first grade in the parallel class. Standing on the auditorium stage to receive the award, I saw the envy of my classmates and the smile of the teacher.

without being nagged by my parents, I can be worshipped and consulted by my classmates, favored and highly expected by teachers, patting me on the shoulder.

the classmate sent me the form and said, "that's great. You can go to Beijing."

I signed up for the training class with brochures in the freshmen's manual. At 7: 00 a.m. on the weekend, my roommate was still asleep, and I was ready to take the subway to class.

is not the best, but it is enough to satisfy yourself.

envy her that someone delivers medicine when she is sick, someone to chat with her late at night, and there is a place to digest her emotions, while I always run around alone.

after reading hundreds of answers, I summed up the conclusion as: thin, make-up, gentle.

I thought I was qualified to fall in love, so I went to the guy who turned me down before. We watched the movie together, but his answer remained the same.

is a program called "Please fall in love with me like this". My friend transferred it to me and asked me to watch it, because there was a girl who looked like me.

I am very proud when I talk about my achievements, but I feel inferior when I talk about my feelings.

A guy who likes smart boys at heart compromises in a face-to-face chat that only one person in the family is smart.

leads to the entanglement of competitiveness and frustration, not knowing what it should become in order to be loved. At the end of the

program, her eyes were red and she said she didn't know where she didn't do a good job.

is also more difficult to be loved.

recently, when I stayed at home during the summer vacation, my family always beat me openly and secretly and fell in love.

but it's not easy.

as said in the program , when I was a child, being good is the shortest way to get a reward, so today it is only natural to think that the better you are, the more you will get true love.

Elite education makes us always want to find the best and fastest one, so we always come to a standstill.

they don't have so many contradictions and worries.

I understand that it is only a competitive burden over the years, and it cannot be laid down in one or two days.

after all, such good feelings are false. Even if you are loved, you will be frightened, worried that when the real side comes out in the future, everything will collapse in an instant.

when I was writing in the coffee shop yesterday, I heard a senior teaching a novice girl to make coffee in the workshop behind me.

the girl panicked and said that I would play less.

after hearing this, I tried to tell myself that it is not a mistake to fall in love like this.

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