Tonight, let's be gentle.

Tonight, let's be gentle.
Autumn is coming.

"Autumn is coming, so it's okay to be emotional."

author /Zhang bramble


if it hadn't been for going to the hospital, I probably wouldn't have realized that autumn was really coming.

I went to dinner in shorts and short sleeves the day before yesterday, played several games with my friends in the afternoon, and began to get dizzy in the evening.

hold the thermometer clip, 38 degrees.

my girlfriend asked me what I was doing.

I said, it's autumn.

on the road to Guangzhou, there are tall buildings on both sides, but fortunately the air is good enough to witness the sky change from blue to orange, then from orange to red, and finally purple and dark blue.

I walked all the way, regardless of the weight of my head.

I sent my girlfriend a Wechat message: "Autumn is coming."

she replied to me: "it's November, brother. Have you arrived at the hospital yet?"

I replied to her: "Autumn is coming, give me a hug."

my girlfriend estimated that I was too sick, so she called me directly and the first sentence was, "are you all right?"

I smiled and said "nothing" and explained to her why I wanted to hug her.

Autumn is coming, and the weather is getting cooler, which is different from the boredom of sweaty hands in summer. I want to give her a good hug while the piercing Guangdong winter is not coming.

she was amused by me and replied, "hug when you're ready."


probably because in autumn, everyone around you becomes softer.

this gentleness is reflected in a couple I know who have just broken up.

the day they broke up, the two men first ate Haidilao, then went to the Internet bar to watch League of Legends's world finals, and finally IG won 3-0.

the girl asked the boy, "do you still want to eat?"

the boy said, "I'm still full. I can't eat any more."

the girl nodded in agreement.

about ten seconds later, the boy asked, "that." Why don't we split up here? "

the girl said, "good."

the elevator door opened and they went in together.

is there any other reason? No, because it was made clear the day before, and there was no blame or disobedience, that is, one wanted to be free and the other wanted to develop.

afterwards I asked the boy, "what is the contradiction between freedom and development?"

the boy sighed, "I know it's not contradictory, but I know she said that because she didn't want to hurt me."

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coming out of the elevator door, two people enter the subway entrance and the other stays where they are.

the boy remembered that when he first arrived in Haidilao in the afternoon, the waiter thought they were lovers. As a result, only five hours later, the two were completely separated.

I will not meet or chat in the future. I may follow her news, but I will never be a friend of any kind again.

this is the decision that the boy told me.

decisions made in the fall seem to be full of deliberation.


if it can be selected, the word "hypocritical" will certainly be listed as the first "the last thing you want to be described in this way".

because the "sensibility" behind "hypocrisy" is private, so we should hide it no matter when and where we are.

however, because autumn in Guangdong is often so short that people think that there is no autumn, people often ignore the changes brought about by autumn.

this kind of change is very subtle. It may be that the careful person says to the careless person, "it's a little cold today, remember to wear one more dress"; or it may be that the group of friends posted at noon says, "I kind of want to eat hot pot tonight." it may even be a minor illness that makes you stop and think about who might care about you and who you might want to care about.

anyway, this autumn temperature of "wearing too much and not wearing too much and not wearing too little" is very suitable for greeting, inviting dates, putting forward new plans and thinking about life.

it makes people become voluntary, emotional and hypocritical.

I think it's a good thing.

after all, we have been on the run for the first three quarters of 18 years.

in preparation for the coming winter, we have to start taking out pen and paper to figure out the next year's trip.

the only intermission, only now.

give the person you want to hug. Good night.

wrote an article on the secondary account yesterday.

more than 200 people appreciated it.

I haven't experienced this feeling for a long time.

if you think this is good enough, please buy me a bottle of Vitasoy.

after all, many people don't know what "vitamin milk" is.



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