Tonight is a recruitment letter.

Tonight is a recruitment letter.
Just send in your resume.

tonight is a recruitment letter.

but in fact, a few days ago, I was still thinking about whether to take advantage of the start of school to get out of the mess for a while.

the reason is very simple. There is too much pressure. It is easy to write a manuscript, but it is difficult to change it.

so that afternoon, I sat in the office with you, looked out of the window at the rain-drenched Guangzhou Tower and said that I was going to stop.

Tan Min sighs. Thorns stop playing "hey kong" and Liu Bai closes the office door.

after thinking about thorns for a while, I thought he would say such useless honeyed words as "getting stronger after this period of time" and "pressure is motivation". Unexpectedly, he suddenly turned crafty at me:

"I don't understand. I didn't pay you Tan Min so much. Why should Tan Min be under pressure?" "

the atmosphere suddenly becomes" ".

I understand what he means. He thinks that at this stage, readability is the category in which I should be more "stressed" than the amount of reading.

and the sentence "thorns" is also expressing its position:


there will always be someone who will understand your moments.

ability requirements: have a certain number of films (more than 300), like to write stories about young people, and have their own unique views on life.

reference link: someone will always read your moments.

it's not easy to like someone.

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questions related to full-time treatment can be sent to the email below with your resume and work.

resume requirements and format:

2. Three works on behalf of their own level

5. Expect salary and regular job online

7.No reply by default

We not only recruit online contributors, but also hope to cooperate with students who can tell unique stories /unique aesthetics for a long time. Unlike most official accounts, we will keep your names in the push as authors /illustrators.

ask two questions:

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