To tell you the truth, every boyfriend has longed to be single temporarily.

To tell you the truth, every boyfriend has longed to be single temporarily.
Hello, everyone. Today is a new column: "dig yourself".

that night, he told me a lot about being "bored" with his girlfriend.

I replied, "it's because you like salmon that they cook so much salmon for you."

"can't you tell your girlfriend directly?" I asked.

I said, "really? Isn't it just to ask the other person not to shift the focus of his life to himself? "

I asked, "it means that what she thinks is just right has become your 'too much'?".

then his phone shook. He raised the phone to his face, then pressed the "hold down talk" button on the screen with his right index finger and tilted it to his mouth under the phone: "go to sleep first. I'm almost asleep. I just got out of the shower."

after sending the voice message, he gave me a "you know" smile.

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"do you want to cheat?" I asked him.

seeing that I didn't speak, he continued to say to himself, "it's like when we ran away from home when we were kids, we resolutely left in the morning without telling anyone, and then went home quietly in the evening. Although it seems to be just going out for a walk, the meaning is different. "

"it's no different to my family, but it means a lot to myself."

he put his hand on the railing and said, "so I want to be single temporarily and secretly decide to start and end, so that I can probably continue to like her."

"Oh, I'm tired."

"dig yourself" adjustment method:

2. Intimacy comes from close distance, not "zero distance".

4. Just because there is a problem on the way does not mean that one party has a problem.

author /Zhang Jingshi

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